Iraq Digital TV News

Eutelsat-Nilesat 7/8°W video audience exceeds 50 million homes
Mar 11, 2014 – Eutelsat (Paris:ETL) has unveiled at Cabsat Dubai the results of its survey on TV reception modes and trends across the Middle East and North Africa.
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Iraqi Media Network launches satellite broadcast service
Jul 15, 2013 – Arabsat has announced the launch of a satellite TV service by the Iraqi Media Network based in Baghdad. The DTH bouquet is broadcast via an Arabsat satellite at 26°E and includes all of the radio and TV programmes currently available in Iraq.
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Orbit Showtime Network to switch-off 5 million TV pirates
Dec 7, 2010 – Orbit Showtime Network (OSN) is giving all of its subscribers new set-top boxes between now and December 19th when it will switch to a new 'unhackable' conditional access system.
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Increased dynamics of mobile broadcast TV around the world in 2009
Mar 1, 2010 – An updated bmcoforum report describes the recent regulatory framework and implementation status as of the beginning of 2010 in countries with existing mobile TV service offers.
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Mobision launches DVB-H in Iraq
Jun 1, 2009 – Mobision has started its commercial DVB-H-based mobile TV service in Iraq, following an extended period of testing.
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CoreTrust secures ART Satellite Hybrid IP-VOD
Apr 6, 2009 – CoreTrust conditional access 'CoreCrypt for IPTV' will secure the content of the Satellite Hybrid IP-VOD service that will be launched later this year by ART (Arab Radio and Television Network) in the Middle East region.
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Kalimat to launch IPTV and mobile TV in Iraq and Kuwait
Mar 19, 2009 – Kalimat Telecom has signed a 50/50 joint venture deal with PCCW (Hong Kong:0008) to launch IPTV and mobile TV in Iraq and Kuwait. Launch is expected in the fourth quarter of 2009 or early 2010.
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Nagravision Secures Commercial DVB-H Services for Alsumaria TV
Sep 12, 2008 – Nagravision (SWX:KUD.VX) has announced that Alsumaria TV, the Iraqi Satellite Network, has selected Nagravision's conditonal access system (CAS) for its DVB-H services.
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Kudelski Group 1st half 2008 - migration to service mode on track
Aug 29, 2008 – The Kudelski Group (SWX: KUD.VX) has announced results for its first half year ended June 30, 2008. In the first half 2008, Nagravision expanded its global reach with 92.3 million active devices for conditional access.
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