DVB-H (DVB-Handheld) Mobile TV (MDTV) News

Dedicated Mobile TV Networks Face Uncertain Future
Aug 3, 2010 – A Juniper Research study has found that disappointing adoption levels of mobile TV services, allied to competition from streamed mobile services and mobile reception of free-to-air terrestrial TV, has lead to growing disillusionment within the industry.
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WiFi to bring mobile TV to the masses
Jul 6, 2010 – A report published by Juniper Research has found that a surge in applications which can take advantage of the increasing availability of free WiFi services are set to boost the mobile TV industry with anticipated revenues of nearly $7bn by 2015.
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Omer Telecom to offer DVB-H mobile TV in France
Apr 22, 2010 – Omer Telecom is planning to launch mobile TV under the Virgin Mobile brand which it operates in France. The service will use a DVB-H multiplex network provided by TDF.
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CSA authorises 16 DVB-H channels for France
Apr 9, 2010 – France's CSA has issued broadcasting licences to 13 private channels that it has selected following a call for applications to provide mobile TV (TMP). It has also granted licences to three public channels selected by the Government.
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Swisscom to discontinue DVB-H mobile TV service
Mar 23, 2010 – Roughly 80 days before the World Cup, Swisscom TV air is bringing TV to your mobile and computer. Following the launch of the new TV offering, Swisscom will be discontinuing its DVB-H service for residential customers.
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CogniVue Announces CV220X Family of Image Cognition Processors
Mar 18, 2010 – CogniVue Corporation has announced the CV220X series of Image Cognition Processors (ICPs) for use in a broad range of automotive vision application systems, IP video surveillance and monitoring and mobile TV applications.
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Increased dynamics of mobile broadcast TV around the world in 2009
Mar 1, 2010 – An updated bmcoforum report describes the recent regulatory framework and implementation status as of the beginning of 2010 in countries with existing mobile TV service offers.
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Nagravision Demonstrates Streaming Mobile TV & VOD Content Protection at Mobile World Congress
Feb 15, 2010 – Nagravision (SIX:KUD.VX) is demonstrating innovative Mobile TV solutions dedicated to the secured streaming of Mobile TV, Catch-up TV and VOD over 3G/4G and Wi-Fi networks at the Mobile World Congress.
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Mobily test-fires DVB-H broadcast of 8 satellite channels
Dec 22, 2009 – Etihad Etisalat (Mobily) is testing its upcoming DVB-H service. The company is trying out broadcasting eight popular satellite TV channels in Jeddah, in a joint trial with the Ministry of Culture and Information of the infant service.
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