DVB-T2 News

GatesAir supplies exciter for DVB-T2 trials on Australia’s Gold Coast
Jan 23, 2019 – GatesAir has supplied its Maxiva XTE exciter to Australian broadcast entities - TX Australia, Broadcast Australia, and Free TV - for DVB-T2 field trials on Australia’s Gold Coast, just south of Brisbane.
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Rohde & Schwarz facilitates Australian DVB-T2 trials
Aug 9, 2018 – In cooperation with Free TV, ABC and SBS, Broadcast Australia recently conducted DVB-T2 trials in the Sydney area. Rohde & Schwarz supplied transmitters, retransmitters and test equipment for the testing phase.
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Techtel installs new DVB-T2 transmitter in Papua New Guinea
Jul 10, 2018 – Techtel has commissioned a transmitter system for digital terrestrial TV in Papua New Guinea for a local service provider, enabling the delivery of more than 30 additional services in Port Moresby via two newly added transport streams.
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DTG releases D-Book 10 Conformance Test Suites
Jun 29, 2018 – D-Book 10 conformance Test Suites are now available. The first addition to the Test Suites is Linear Services tests for testing HEVC at HD and UHD resolution. A second addition is Option 12 signalling included in the UK SI DVB-T2 test suite.
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ENENSYS provides re-broadcast solution for DVB-T2 trials in Sydney
Jun 6, 2018 – ENENSYS has announced that it has provided its T2Gateway and DTTCaster products to enable Broadcast Australia / Free TV trials of next-generation broadcast technology in Sydney. The trial is assessing the performance of DVB-T2 in the Australian environment.
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Free TV and Broadcast Australia partner for DVB-T2 trials
Mar 21, 2018 – Free TV and Broadcast Australia have announced that they had agreed to conduct trials of next generation broadcast technology in Sydney. The SBS and the ABC will also be active participants in the trials.
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DVB-T2 households forecasted to reach 72% by 2022 in Europe
Dec 12, 2017 – Dataxis’ latest research sheds light on the importance that DVB‐T2, the extension of the television standard DVB‐T, will acquire in the coming years. It has become the widespread standard and is being rolled out to replace DVB‐T in many parts of the world.
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ZDF relies on Rohde & Schwarz and the Fraunhofer HHI for DVB-T2 transition
Jul 5, 2017 – ZDF, the largest public broadcaster in Germany, has selected the R&S AVHE100 encoding and multiplexing solution from Rohde & Schwarz with HEVC technology from the Fraunhofer HHI for its headend implementation.
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České Radiokomunikace selects ATEME for DVB-T2 HEVC headend
May 16, 2017 – ATEME has announced that České Radiokomunikace (ČRA) has deployed ATEME's compression and statmux solutions for its DVB-T2 HEVC services. ČRA's headend uses ATEME's technology to deliver more than 15 channels in one DVB-T2 multiplex across the Czech Republic.
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