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Thailand's NBTC proposes ฿690 DTT receiver subsidy coupoon
Jul 24, 2014 – Thailand's National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) has proposed a value of 690 baht ($22) for the digital TV subsidy coupons that it will distribute by mail to 22 million households in the country.
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Entropic licenses Cryptography Research DPA countermeasures
Jul 23, 2014 – Cryptography Research (NASDAQ:RMBS) and Entropic (NASDAQ:ENTR) have announced that they have signed an agreement allowing for the use of the Cryptography Research side-channel attack countermeasures in Entropic’s ICs.
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Seagate launches channel on Roku
Jul 23, 2014 – Seagate (NASDAQ:STX) has announced the addition of the capability to connect Seagate Central personal cloud storage or Seagate Wireless Plus to a Roku streaming player via the Seagate Media Channel app.
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Service Electric chooses ARRIS for delivery of TV Everywhere
Jul 23, 2014 – ARRIS (NASDAQ:ARRS) has announced that Service Electric has selected the ARRIS Whole Home Solution with Media Streamer giving Service Electric subscribers the ability to stream live and recorded content throughout the home and on the go.
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Comporium adds ARRIS TV-everywhere box to its offer
Jul 23, 2014 – ARRIS (NASDAQ: ARRS) has announced that South Carolina's Comporium will sell its ARRIS MS4000 under the name 'Moxi Sling'. The box enables subscribers to access live and recorded Comporium content both inside and outside the home.
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Consolidated chooses ARRIS Whole Home Solution and ConvergeMedia Management Suite
Jul 23, 2014 – Consolidated Communications has elected to deploy the ARRIS (NASDAQ: ARRS) Whole Home Solution and ConvergeMedia Management Suite, enabling subscribers to enjoy up to six HD programs at one time, whole home DVR, and a more personalized content experience.
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Ultra HD TVs make gains but still lack market penetration
Jul 23, 2014 – Ultra-high-definition televisions (UHD TVs) continued to make slow and steady inroads throughout the world, but their share of the overall flat-panel TV market remained minimal by the end of May, according to IHS Technology (NYSE: IHS).
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STMicroelectronics Reports 2014 Second Quarter Financial Results
Jul 23, 2014 – STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM) has reported results for the period ended June 29, 2013. Second quarter net revenues totaled $2.05 billion and gross margin was 32.8%. Net loss attributable to ST was $152 million.
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Broadcom reports second quarter 2014 results
Jul 22, 2014 – Broadcom (NASDAQ: BRCM) has reported results for its second quarter ended June 30, 2014. Net revenue for the quarter was $2.04 billion - a decrease of 2.3% compared with the second quarter of 2013.
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