MIPTV 2017: April 3-6, 2017: Cannes, France

Samsung and Wuaki expand 4K HDR availability in Europe
Apr 4, 2017 – Samsung and Rakuten Wuaki have announced the expanded availability of Samsung’s TV PLUS service at MIPTV in Cannes. With this announcement, Rakuten Wuaki, partnered with Samsung, becomes the first VOD service to sell newly released, premium 4K HDR movies across Europe.
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Number of TV channels in Europe still growing
Apr 5, 2016 – The total number of TV channels established in the EU grew by 49% from 3615 TV channels in 2009 to 5370 in 2015, according to data from the European Audiovisual Observatory's TV and VOD database.
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SatLink launches Hot Bird DVB-S2 platform for HD in Europe
Apr 7, 2014 – SatLink Communications has announced the launch of a DVB-S2 platform on Eutelsat’s Hot Bird satellite. The service has been developed to meet the growing demand for HD content via satellite.
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SES uses MIPTV in Cannes to drive Ultra HD forward
Apr 10, 2013 – SES (Paris, Luxembourg: SESG) has announced the launch of its 'SES Ultra HD Experience' initiative at MIPTV which invites content providers and broadcasters to work with SES to support the development of the Ultra HD value chain.
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Sony to show 4K Ultra HD at MIPTV
Apr 3, 2013 – As part of its 50th anniversary theme of Screening the Future, MIPTV has partnered with Sony Corporation to present what will be the next game-changing innovation in television's evolution, ultra-high-definition. MIPTV will take place in Cannes, 8-11 April 2013.
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High Definition channels in Europe on the up
Mar 29, 2012 – Recent data from the MAVISE TV database, developed by the European Audiovisual Observatory, shows the current status of the European television market. MAVISE contains data on the EU markets plus the candidates Croatia, Macedonia and Turkey.
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Singapore plans nationwide 3D trial
Apr 14, 2010 – At MIPTV in Cannes, the Media Development Authority of Singapore revealed that it plans to launch a nationwide 3D television trial this year, possibly in August in time for the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) that Singapore is hosting.
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Starling: new social TV platform to revolutionize TV viewing
Apr 13, 2010 – Starling, a new social TV platform, launches its first version today. Designed for mobile devices, tablet computers and the web, it provides viewers with a platform to chat, play, and interact - around a show, and with each other.
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'Virtual cable TV service' streamed live to PCs, TVs and mobile phones launched at MIP TV
Mar 31, 2009 – 50 channels including BBC 1, ITV, Sky News, CNN, ESPN and Bloomberg are now available to stream online in real time thanks to a new internet service launched at MIP TV. The service delivers broadcast quality video over as little as a 1Mbps connection.
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