Deutsche Telekom Entertain IPTV passes 800,000 marketed packages

Friday, September 4th, 2009 
Deutsche Telekom logo

BERLIN — IFA — Deutsche Telekom (Frankfurt: DTE)(NYSE:DT)’s IPTV offering T-Home Entertain is about to break into the mass market with over 800,000 marketed packages. The Group hopes to exceed its target of marketing one million Entertain packages by the end of the year.

News features for Entertain

With Entertain, the Group is moving up a gear: High-definition TV and HD content on demand are the hallmarks of a new television era. By the end of the year, the company will upgrade its HD offer to 500 titles in a move designed to expand its position as a HD pioneer. Several HD TV stations are also included in the offer. Furthermore, with LIGA total! Deutsche Telekom is the only provider in Germany offering all Bundesliga matches and conferences live on demand in HD quality.

From September a program manager will be included for all Entertain customers. This application gives viewers an overview of what’s on the various TV channels over the next 14 days and enables them to do their programming via a PC with Internet access or a cell phone. New products will then be released in quick succession. A further media receiver will be available from October and three new channels added to the Entertain program: The new MR 301 has a hard disk capacity of 320 GB, giving it a recording capacity of up to 230 hours. Also starting in October, the movie channel “Tele5” with its range of feature films and series will be included in all Entertain packages. Moreover, Premium and BigTV customers can also enjoy “Romance TV”, the channel for lovers of romance, and the new adult entertainment channel “Lust Pur”. And in the run-up to Christmas, Deutsche Telekom will pull out all the stops: With Entertain pur it will provide a DSL-based television connection that includes a telephone but not Internet access. According to the Head of Marketing in Germany, Christian P. Illek, the basic pack will cost around EUR 30.