Dishtv India launches Personal live TV on the move

Thursday, January 14th, 2010 
Dishtv logo

Enjoy 70 satellite TV channels at each seat, while travelling

NEW DELHI — Keeping with its tradition of venturing into new technology areas Dishtv (NSE: DISHTV EQ, BSE: 532839), India’s No. 1 direct- to home company, has launched a revolutionary service in the area of Live TV on the move. The service called ‘Personal Live TV’ on Move brings 70 satellite TV channels at each seat of the vehicle. The channels are viewable independent of each other and have a personal audio.

Speaking on the occasion, Salil Kapoor, COO, Dishtv said, “We have made some critical technological enhancements in both the mobile STB and the mobile dish antenna to bring live personal TV for the first time on the Indian roads. This service will also be extended in buses, yatches ships and railways. Earlier Dishtv was providing a single TV system in vehicles where with one mobile dish antenna only one TV channel could be watched a time.”

“We realized the need for ‘Personal Live TV’ need after taking feedback from our mobile Dishtv customers and channel partners. When a family travel in the same vehicle each one of them have different need just like in homes. Someone wishes to watch news while someone else a movie, in such an environment personal TV for each passenger becomes very useful. Now people on every seat in a car or bus etc. will have their own TV and can enjoy watching the channels of their choice; it’s like having multiple TVs in a house for various family members.” Salil Kapoor added.

Personal Live Television is akin to our technology on the Kingfisher airlines where each seat has about 8 live channels from Dish TV. However the costs of the on road system are at a small fraction when compared with the costs of flight entertainment systems which run into a few million dollars. For a 4-seat system in a SUV, the costs would be around Rs 2.45 lakhs including installation and video screens plus the annual subscription of Rs10,000/-. This is truly an ultimate luxury on road and no other expensive car accessory can come even close to its luxury and use. It is for people who value their time and realise that the dead time on the road is the best time to get their daily dose of TV. Since cost of single TV system is about Rs 1.9 lakhs it is better to spend a little extra and have the multi TV system.

This service is going to come to be useful for the common man as well. Dishtv plans to soon provide this personalized service in intercity buses, taxis and trains.