TVNZ To Go HDTV For Beijing Olympics

Friday, September 28th, 2007 
Freeview NZ logo

TVNZ will bring New Zealanders the Beijing Olympics in High Definition TV on TV ONE

TVNZ will introduce High Definition TV on the Freeview Digital Terrestrial platform (DTT), which is timed to go live during the first half of next year. TVNZ will invest in the technology infrastructure to introduce both TV ONE and TV2 in High Definition on the Freeview DTT platform by July 2008, in time for the Beijing Olympics in August.

HDTV gives viewers the highest quality picture available, together with surround sound.

On the Freeview DTT platform, TVNZ expects to provide about 50% of peak time content on TV ONE in HD, and 80% on TV2. This will grow progressively as local content producers gear up to make programmes in HD.

Viewers will need an HD-ready TV set and a Freeview DTT set top box to receive the HD broadcasts. HD-ready TV sets are available from electronics retailers now, and Freeview DTT set top boxes will be available early next year.

TVNZ Chief Executive Rick Ellis says the decision puts TVNZ in an industry leadership position in a rapidly changing digital world. “This is a tremendously exciting step. To be able to provide the Beijing Olympics in HD is a first for New Zealand and will be a spectacular experience for viewers,” he said.