Looxcie Announces Wearable Video Recording Now Available In Full VGA

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011 

New Apps Bring 480p Video Quality and Camcorder Functionality to the Looxcie Experience

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — Looxcie, makers of the first wearable camcorder that allows instant sharing to social media and the web, announced today the availability of two new features that deliver 480p video quality. The LooxcieCam™ mobile application lets Looxcie users record high-quality 30 frames per second (fps) video in full 480p. LooxcieDesktop™, an app for the laptop or desktop computer, gives users the option to easily transfer their entire raw video contents from their Looxcie. LooxcieDesktop automatically updates the device with new firmware, making it easy to add functionality over time. Both applications are free and available for download today.

“Our customers have overwhelmingly shared their excitement for easily capturing video without having to worry about missing a moment,” said Looxcie CEO Romulus Pereira. “With LooxcieCam and LooxcieDesktop we’re giving customers higher quality video and more ways to capture, save and share the action.”

Looxcie Family of Applications

Looxcie now offers three apps: LooxcieCam, the new smartphone app that enables Looxcie with basic camcorder functionality and DVD quality video; LooxcieMoments, the original mobile-connected app for instantly creating and sharing clips; and LooxcieDesktop, the PC or Mac app that upgrades the Looxcie firmware and allows users to save or archive clips and raw video to their computer. Customers can download the LooxcieCam and LooxcieMoments apps to Android 2.0 and higher smartphones via Marketplace, with availability soon to follow for the iPhone. LooxcieDesktop is now available for download.

LooxcieCam: Basic Camcorder with 480p video

The latest app for the Looxcie wearable camcorder, LooxcieCam, enables your Looxcie to record 480p, full motion video, just like a standard camcorder. Users can record and save 1 hour of 30 fps, 480p video. Captured video clips in LooxcieCam are easily shared to the internet via PC or Mac.

LooxiceMoments: Mobile-connected social video for instant sharing

The original smartphone app for Looxcie, LooxcieMoments allows users to instantly share short video clips to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and email. Users can continuously capture 5 hours of raw video and save hundreds of clips. Intended for quick sharing while “on the go,” LooxcieMoments allows users to capture unanticipated moments and stay connected with friends and family.

LooxcieDesktop: Device Upgrader and Raw Video Archival

A PC or Mac utility app, LooxcieDesktop extends the whole Looxcie experience. As an upgrader, it allows the device to be upgraded with new features and capabilities as they are available. As a way of managing raw video, it allows you to archive the video for easy editing or back up.