ViXS continues to lead industry in multistream transcoding and advanced media processing with the introduction of the XCode® 5100 Family

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011 
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System-On-Chip architecture doubles processing performance while delivering subframe ultra low latency and ViXS’ patented VQoS for multistream wireless HD

TORONTO — ViXS Systems announces their next family of system-on-chip (SOC) advanced processors enabling the latest consumer electronics devices where concurrency, ultra low latency, and performance are key. XCode® 5100 is ViXS’ seventh generation transcoder and doubles the media processing performance of the previous XCode® 4000 family of transcoders. The XCode® 5100 family is the culmination of over 10 years of software engineering in multimedia networking, including error stream handling, multi-video and audio codec support, as well as a suite of application software including DLNA®.

The XCode® 5100 family powers set-top box, home media gateways and advanced consumer electronics equipment by enabling true content mobility, sharing and distribution across multiple classes of devices, including: set-top boxes; Blu-ray devices, HDTV’s, HD media players; PCs; laptops; tablets; and mobile phones, within the connected home. The family integrates ViXS’ patented high definition encoding, decoding and transcoding engine for multistream applications.

“The XCode® 5100 family enables a new category of media gateway products for multi-room distribution of content within the home. Each product in the family has been designed to target specific market segments and address the evolving needs of our customers,” said Ms. Sally Daub, President and CEO of VIXS Systems Inc. “Our years of expertise in transcoding and advanced media processing allow us to provide our customers with leading-edge design, flexible architecture, and truly differentiated media processing software.

“As our customers rapidly deploy multi-room and wireless distribution of video, they are increasingly focused on any system latency, making concurrency and ultra low latency crucial features for real-time video applications,” continued Ms. Daub. “With ViXS’ latest processors we have provided our customers with industry-leading solutions that will allow them to deliver a seamless, high quality experience to the consumer.”

Key features include:

  • High level of concurrency and next generation video quality to enable whole home DVR; place-shifting; and content consumption on iPAD® and other tablet devices.
  • Real-time HD to HD transcoding, trans-wrapping, and transcryption of up to six simultaneous streams to serve multiple DLNA® clients within the home.
  • Faster than real-time transcode on stored content for quick downloading.
  • Subframe ultra low latency for wireless and streaming applications within the home.
  • Advanced security processor architecture to enable security for leading digital rights management providers (DRM), Conditional Access providers (CA), and leading broadcast operators.
  • Supports concurrent 1080p60 encoding and transcoding.
  • Incorporates face detection algorithms for Video Conferencing & Surveillance applications.
  • ViXS patented VQoS (video quality of service) implementation for maintaining video quality in bandwidth constrained networks.
  • Dedicated TCP/IP Processor Engine and Dual Gigabit Ethernet for high network performance.
  • Integration of Cablecard, PCI-Express, multiple Serial ATA and USB peripherals.
  • ViXS Xtensiv™ Software Stack which allows customers faster time-to-market and greatly reduces required engineering resources.
  • Low power and compact design.
  • 40 nanometer process with flip chip technology.

The XCode® 5100 series caters to the varying needs of our customers:

  • XCode® 5190 enables multistream transcoding providing up to six simultaneous streams of HD to HD, targeting the media gateway and broadband gateway markets.
  • XCode® 5115 enables dual-stream processing with the same media performance targeting the set-top box and gateway markets.
  • XC5106® enables single stream processing targeting the co-processor and dongle applications markets.

Please contact our sales department at [email protected] for samples, pricing and further information.