MaxLinear's DVB-T Silicon Tuner Chosen for New TechniSat Hybrid IPTV/DVB-T Set-Top Box

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007 

Best Combination of Performance, Power Consumption and Price Make the MxL5003S the Ideal Solution for STB Applications Like the TechniSat STB

CARLSBAD, CA – MaxLinear, Inc., a fabless semiconductor company at the forefront of developing all-CMOS broadband radio frequency (RF) ICs for consumer markets, announced that its revolutionary MxL5003S DVB-T silicon tuner has been designed into the TechniSat TeleStreamer 2TW ‘hybrid’ Internet protocol television (IPTV)/DVB-T set-top box (STB).

The TeleStreamer 2TW allows consumers to watch programs from both DVB-T and IPTV sources on their television. This flexibility makes it easy for the consumer to select among multiple sources and channels, and does not require the use of a computer for IPTV broadcasts.

“TechniSat has exacting standards for performance and quality,” said Kishore Seendripu, Chief Executive Officer of MaxLinear. “MaxLinear’s silicon tuner exceeds these standards. In fact, the MxL5003S does this at a very low cost and with extremely low power consumption. No other silicon tuner offers this excellent combination of performance, power consumption and price. It is also great to be shipping one of our products to TechniSat, a well respected and leading manufacturer of DVB set-top boxes and televisions. This is another example of how our standard digital CMOS RF products enable our customers to offer the best performing and most cost competitive products.”

The TechniSat TeleStreamer 2TW allows for the viewing of IPTV and DVB-T content to maximize customers’ viewing options. IPTV is a relatively new method for delivering and viewing television programming using an IP network and broadband access technology. It allows for the delivery of traditional live television and additional new services, such as video-on-demand, to the home. The DVB-T capability using the MaxLinear tuner on the main board and without any shielding enables the viewing of programming not available on the IP network, making this STB able to offer an attractive and complete bundle of programming for the end customer.

The MxL5003S is the DVB-T-only version of the MxL5005S Global Standards family of silicon tuners, which has been shipping since Q3 2006. These products were joined by the recently announced MxL7001, the world’s smallest silicon tuner, used in Japanese cell phones for ISDB-T Segment-1 and Segment-3 mobile television.

About MaxLinear, Inc.

MaxLinear, Inc. is a rapidly growing fabless IC company focusing on highly integrated analog products that incorporate proprietary mixed-signal and radio frequency signal processing techniques in CMOS. The company’s technology is ideally suited for a broad range of high-volume consumer electronics applications with the strictest requirements for both power and performance, including personal computers, laptop computers, televisions, and mobile devices. MaxLinear is the first to deliver on the promise of an easy-to-use silicon solution to enable TV on any device. The company is located in Carlsbad, CA with sales offices in Taipei, Taiwan and Seoul, South Korea.

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