Sandmartin wins Middle East HD set-top box contract

Monday, May 30th, 2011 

Cooperation with Strategic Partner for the Development of High Definition Television Platform Project

This announcement is made by Sandmartin International Holdings Limited (the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) on a voluntary basis.

The board of directors (the “Board”) of the Company wishes to announce that our long term strategic partner Technosat Trading LLC (“Technosat”), a private limited company registered in Dubai, will be the operator of the High Definition Television Platform Project which named “ICHD” project (the “Project”) in the area of Middle East and North Africa (the “MENA Area”) in the third quarter of year 2011. Technosat is now to be the sole supplier of the set top box (“STB”) in the High Definition Television Platform of the Middle East Broadcasting Centre (“MBC”). Our Group, a well known STB supplier in MENA Area, is selected to be an important partner of Technosat of this Project. The Board expects that the high definition television platform will have great potential to expand in MENA Area. Our Group targets to achieve the sales of one million pieces of high definition STB within the next three years in MENA Area.

This announcement is made by the order of the Board, the directors of which individually and jointly accept responsibility for the accuracy of this announcement.