Latens FCAS Secures Cameron Communications IPTV Services to Enable Increased Protection and Operational Flexibility

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007 
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Flexible software-based CA solution offers security of services while reducing costs and simplifying customer care

ATLANTA, Ga. — Latens Systems, the leading provider of software security solutions for Pay-TV & IPTV, today announced that its FCAS solution has been chosen by Cameron Communications, a parent company to local area providers of phone, internet and cable services, to secure the programming on its IPTV platform. The Latens FCAS solution is to be integrated with middleware from Minerva and deployed across Amino and ADB 3800 series set-top boxes.

“We have chosen Latens’ FCAS solution to protect our IPTV services as it offered us a very high level of protection while allowing upgrade opportunities in the future with the minimum of fuss,” says Robert Large, Vice President Network Operations, Cameron. “We are committed to providing exciting and pioneering services to our customers across the local region, and therefore confidence in our protection solution is paramount. Latens FCAS offers this confidence, while reducing operational cost and complexity, which in turn enables us to maintain the highest level of customer care.”

Based in Sulphur, Louisiana, Cameron Communications is a family of companies providing advanced telecommunications services to both residential and business customers in rural Southwest Louisiana, Central Louisiana and Southeast Texas. Cameron Communications offers a wide range of products over its technologically advanced network, including local and long distance phone service, high speed internet access, and digital television.

Latens’ smartcard-less FCAS solution allows an operator to select only the CA components that are relevant to its business, which eliminates the cost and complexity of unwanted features. Additionally, as the solution is software-based, it is easily upgradeable in the future as an operator’s needs grow and develop, without causing disruption to existing services. Another key advantage of the solution being software-based is that it removes some customer care issues, such as the customer misplacing their smartcard and also means that the operator does not need to keep large numbers of smartcards in stock to accommodate new subscribers.

“Cameron did their due diligence on all leading CA systems prior to choosing Latens. They understood how a DVB based CA system can support their IPTV network better than other non-standards based security options,” says Dean Kashlan, GM and VP at Latens Americas. “The deployment of Latens FCAS enables Cameron to grow its IPTV network to support other affiliates both in Louisiana and other states.”