ViXS Announces Highly Integrated Multimedia over Coax Alliance, MoCA®, System on Chip Solutions

Thursday, August 11th, 2011 
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ViXS’ cost effective MoCA solution brings true differentiation to Coax home networking solutions

TORONTO — ViXS Systems Inc. today announces the XC1020, an optimized MoCA 1.1 Ethernet over Coax Bridge (ECB) solution to create whole home networking over existing coax in the home. XC1020 provides a cost-effective way to provide multi-room services such as enabling whole home Digital Video Recording (DVR) and internet services.

With its high level of integration, the XC1020 gives customers significant bill of material advantages over existing solutions. An extensive feature list, including two full Ethernet ports, integrated memory that eliminates the need for external DDR memory, and an integrated microprocessor, provides end-to-end bridging with all firmware running on the SoC. The XC1020 supports the key features of the latest deployed MoCA standard, MoCA 1.1, such as 175+ Mbps throughput, 16-node support, quality of service (QoS), packet level encryption and co-existence with cable or satellite services.

“The XC1020 extends our product and technology portfolio into the home networking market. It enables ViXS to pursue the opportunities presented by the increasing demand for high and reliable throughput for services such as multi-room DVR and Over the Top (OTT),” said Sally Daub, President & CEO of ViXS. “ViXS is an established leader in media-processing. In June 2011, we announced the XC5195 media processor with integrated functionality. With the introduction of the XC1020, a stand-alone MoCA, we are able to offer our customers a complete solution for whole home multimedia content distribution and processing.”

The XC1020 is field-upgradeable, offers web-based network management with password protected access control. It is designed to support Band D, Band E, and Band F frequencies and specifications.