ACMA calls for comments on the development of digital television codes and standards

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007 
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The Australian Communications and Media Authority is seeking the views of interested parties on how ACMA and the industry should approach the development of codes and standards for digital television.

‘We encourage industry participants to share their views with ACMA, particularly about how it should approach the making of mandatory requirements in the digital television area,’ said Chris Chapman, ACMA Chairman.

Amendments to the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 have introduced new provisions allowing ACMA to determine technical standards for the transmission and reception of digital television to assist in minimising the impact on consumers of the transition to new types of services and equipment. ACMA may also register industry codes and develop industry standards if no code is developed or a registered code proves deficient.

ACMA has released a discussion paper today that seeks views on a number of specific issues, including which organisation(s) would have the relevant expertise, representation and level of interest to participate in the development of codes and technical standards for digital terrestrial television broadcasting;

Matters that may be dealt with by industry codes and standards include:

  • labelling domestic TV reception equipment;
  • electronic program guides;
  • the numbering of digital services, including logical channel numbers;
  • application program interfaces;
  • conditional access systems; and
  • updating software in domestic reception equipment.

Submissions will assist ACMA in the identification and assessment of issues requiring further consideration. ACMA is particularly interested in codes or standards which would drive the take-up of digital television services in Australia.

Details of how to make submissions are in the discussion paper, Digital Television – codes and standards available on the ACMA website. ACMA will publish all submissions on its website as they are received, subject to any consideration of confidentiality claims.

The closing date for comment is 8 February 2008.

Media contact Donald Robertson, ACMA Media Manager, (02) 9334 7980.