Conax introducing Over-the-Top content security for Indian pay TV

Thursday, October 13th, 2011 
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Conax Contego™ Unite – unified solution, content distribution

MUMBAI — Global security provider Conax will introduce its solution for securely uniting traditional broadcast and broadband content distribution to Indian pay-tv operators at SCaT in Mumbai this week. Based on flagship product Conax Contego™, the Conax Contego ™ Unite product offering will provide TV operators with a universal security hub that unites multi-platform protection for pay-tv content across broadcast, broadband and OTT scenarios.

“Conax is the leading provider of content security solution to the Indian pay-tv market and is now positioning to provide its customers with the vision and tools necessary to harness the monetary opportunities provided by OTT distribution”, says Are Mathisen, VP Asia Sales, Conax.

“The Indian pay-tv market is one of the most dynamic markets in the world, if not only based on sheer size and recent growth trends, continues Are Mathisen, VP Asia Sales, Conax. With the rapidly growing demand for TV operators to provide content via a multitude of new channels and devices that are currently mostly unsecured, security partner Conax will play a strong advisory role in guiding its customers in the evolving OTT landscape.”

Secure content distribution over the combined scenario of broadcast, broadband and connected devices introduces a new and highly complex scenario. As TV meets the Internet, Contego Unite will enable TV operators to extend their broadcast and/or broadband pay-for-content offering to include the opportunities provided by growing multitude of popular connected consumer devices. Conax Contego™ Unite is all about enabling new devices to show protected content.

Through Conax Contego™ Unite, Conax will provide digital TV service providers in the vast Indian market with a unified and flexible security hub for eliminating revenue threats for all distribution models and video services – anytime, anywhere. Conax Contego™ Unite will provide an instrumental tool for pay-tv operators to exploit their ideal position within content delivery to the consumer market and is currently working with major pay-tv operators expanding their operations to include secure OTT distribution – from challenge to opportunity.

Conax Contego™ Unite – a multi-device content protection and enabling platform, sitting at the heart of any OTT ecosystem

Enable & protecting business assets

Conax Contego™ Unite further enhances the Conax Contego™ unified platform with support for Over-the-Top content delivery and maximizing multi-device reach.

  • Comprehensive protection for distribution of pay-tv content , uniting each individual platform through a secure and central hub
  • Allows operators to provide the same subscriptions and purchases across both broadband and broadcast delivery systems
  • Multi-DRM support enabling the best suited security solution for any type of client device
  • Smooth delivery of premium content over both managed and OTT networks – a flawless consumer experience without compromising security or stability
  • Conceal the complexity of OTT distribution and gain full control over secure content distribution
  • Grow existing business models to embrace the opportunities provided by the new world of OTT distribution, multi-platform pay-tv and multiple connected devices – while ensuring a seamless consumer experience
  • Enable TV operators to monetize the OTT scenario – support for new services and devices, optimizing content protection and preventing churn. Including devices such as
    • Set-top-boxes
    • PC, Mac
    • iPhone, iPad
    • Windows 7 Phone
    • Android smartphones and tablets
    • Connected TV and game consoles
  • Offer broadcast content via broadband services employing the same head-end as existing broadcast platforms

Meet Conax at SCaT, Mumbai: Stand B7 , Oct. 13th – 15th.