Moscow's National Cable Networks reconfirms commitment to Conax security

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012 
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Contract to provide advanced pay-content protection for NCN, with set-top-box from Humax

MOSCOW — CSTB — Conax, security specialist for protecting digital TV and multi-device video content distribution, announced its further cooperation with Moscow-based, National Cable Networks. NCN has reconfirmed its commitment to long-time security partner, Conax, with a contract to provide Internet provider and operator of digital TV,, with a comprehensive solution for securing the video rental. The project includes a Conax security-certified set-top box from Humax for a high level of protection for the OnLime platform.

The NCN group of companies has a long relationship with Conax, deploying Conax content security for its in subsidiary in St. Petersburg (TKT) since 2004, and in Yekaterinburg since 2005 (NCN Eurasia). The platform was developed using NCN’s internal own resources together with a strong cooperation with its partners.

According to Sergey Kalugin, General Director NCN, “We needed a solution that would allow us to provide DTV services based on DVB-C networks. Key criteria included choosing a solution that is highly reliable, time-tested and proven. On the other hand, the system should not be too complex, otherwise it would prove costly. Our decision was based on optimal price/performance ratio. Based on long experience, NCN knows Conax as a trusted partner, thus, we chose a content security solution from Conax.”

New client device for securing additional market share: The platform’s hybrid STB from Humax is Conax-certified supporting DVB-C and providing a high security level.

Alexander Kochetkov, Business Development Director of Humax Russia, comments: “Through this project, Humax is bringing one of the first commercialized Conax DVB-C + IP hybrid boxes, giving possibility to the operator to provide various services through IP. Our involvement with the largest cable network in Russia supports Humax’s ability to offer feature-rich, cutting edge digital TV products for any market.” The “Videoprokat” service will offer over 3 thousand hours of content; premium movies, TV series, cartoons and TV shows. The OTT portal has plans to give subscribers the ability to view content “video rental” for multiple devices, and eventually including services such as weather, traffic, online service purchases, the ability to pay utility bills.

“Conax is delighted to be a part of this exciting project, says Larisa Makarovskaya, Area Sales Manager, Conax Russia. The advanced security solution from Conax will provide the necessary assurance for protecting the integrity of OnLime’s pay-for-content and the success of its content revenue model.”

The “Videoprokat” service went live on a trial basis in December 2011 and will be free for a 6 month trial period, and go live in mid-2012 on a commercial basis.