Infosys to Demonstrate Natural User Interface Cable TV Concepts at The Cable Show

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012 
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Leveraging device sensor capabilities and digital set-top boxes will enable rich, interactive television viewing experiences letting consumers “wave goodbye” to their remote controls

BOSTON — Infosys (NASDAQ: INFY) will showcase new and innovative ways that consumers may experience television in the future via multi-channel natural user interfaces at “Imagine Park,” an interactive, high-profile platform for introducing and demonstrating innovative new products and services at The Cable Show 2012. Rather than using a remote control, Infosys will show and discuss how digital consumers can use voice, facial-recognition and simple gesture-based movements to access their personalized content and interact with the set-top-box of the future.

Natural user interfaces (NUI) – touch, voice, video and gesture interfaces – in devices ranging from smartphones and tablets to peripherals such as videogame consoles provide an opportunity for cable companies to deliver personalized interactive customer experiences.

“Cable television innovation is crucial to serve the growing number of digital consumers who expect rich, interactive, personalized viewing experiences, and natural user interfaces are the next step in the evolution of TV entertainment,” said Mit Majumdar, head of U.S. cable practice at Infosys. “With our breadth and depth of expertise, Infosys provides cable operators the ability to capture the imagination of their customers by helping them quickly launch new technologies like NUI that allow consumers to access personalized TV with the wave of a hand or voice command.”

From the perspective of cable multiple services operators, multi-channel user interfaces will enable service providers to increase customer loyalty, emphasize personalization and help add interactive revenue-generating channels to differentiate their television service offerings.

A partner of choice for seven of the top 10 leading cable, media and entertainment companies in the world, Infosys helps build tomorrow’s TV entertainment by understanding critical issues facing businesses and consumers, and co-develops innovative solutions with clients including:

  • Working with the top three U.S. cable multiple services operators to develop mobile and tablet applications that enable their customers to access account information and TV services including scheduling program recordings.
  • Helping a leading telecommunications, media and entertainment company deliver the cable TV experience, including live television and video streaming to their customers, on Android tablets, smartphones and iPads.
  • Co-creating second screen solutions for Unwire, a European service provider, to enhance the social TV experience and smart search features via iPads. See video at Infosys Clients Speak.

Infosys at Imagine Park

The presentation, “Wave Goodbye to Your Remote: Discover Natural TV,” will take place on Tuesday, May 22, 2012 from 12:15 PM – 1:00 PM EDT at Imagine Park and streamed online live.

Viroo Mirji, industry principal, cable and communication Americas will join Mit Majumdar, and share how Infosys is building the foundation for the next-generation customer TV experience via natural voice and gesture controlled user interfaces.

Using popular devices such as Microsoft’s XBOX Kinect for accessing Live TV and Video-on-Demand (VOD) on set-top-boxes, Mirji will demonstrate user interfaces that help consumers quickly find personalized content and navigate to their favorite show with the wave of a hand.

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