SiBEAM Announces Availability of World's First WirelessHD™ Chipset

Sunday, January 6th, 2008 

Company to Showcase and Demonstrate High Quality Uncompressed Wireless A/V Delivery
Powered by Award Winning OmniLink60™ Technology

Las Vegas, Nevada — SiBEAM, Inc. a leading innovator of millimeter wave (mmWave) solutions and developer of high-speed wireless communications platforms, today announced that its WirelessHD-based transmitter and receiver chipsets, built in affordable CMOS, and its WirelessHD Development Kit will be made available to select customers in the first quarter of 2008. Delegates of the 2008 International Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas will witness the world’s first WirelessHD solutions with OmniLink60 technology from SiBEAM. These chipsets are recipients of the CES 2008 Best of Innovations Award in the Enabling Technology category.

“As a founding member of WirelessHD and leading contributor to the development of the WirelessHD specification, SiBEAM is leading the charge to enable high-quality uncompressed wireless A/V delivery. This is our latest milestone in transforming the wireless landscape by enabling very high-speed wireless applications at higher frequencies,” said John LeMoncheck, SiBEAM CEO. “We are excited to demonstrate the first WirelessHD systems and offer consumer electronics manufacturers a low-cost, high-quality solution to bring WirelessHD to life. SiBEAM is proud to showcase the culmination of our efforts at the world’s largest consumer electronics show.”

World’s First WirelessHD Chipset Solutions

The world’s first WirelessHD Chipset Solutions, the SB9120 Network Processor and the SB9110 RF Transceiver chipset act as the transmitter for devices such as DVD players, set-top-boxes and media center PCs. The SB9121 Networks Processor and the SB9111 Transceiver chipset act as the receiver or devices such as digital televisions and front projectors. These chipsets are the first to deliver true, lossless uncompressed A/V at 1080p, the preferred choice of consumer electronics manufacturers. The 60 GHz band offers the spectral availability for true uncompressed HD video, audio and data transmission, scalable to future HD A/V formats.

SiBEAM’s transmitter and receiver chipsets employ SiBEAM’s Omnilink60 advanced adaptive beam-forming systems that dynamically steer content to the specific receiving station, maintaining stable connectivity regardless of any obstacles that may obstruct its path, without compromising quality. Additionally, Omnilink60’s high speed micro array antennas enable efficient use of power for better reception and longer distance at a higher bandwidth.

Further, each embedded processor handles the WirelessHD protocol that is capable of joining, leaving and creating an intelligent Wireless Video Area Network (WVAN) which can consist of a variety of WirelessHD-enabled devices, including a high-definition television, high-definition disc player, digital video recorder, digital video camera, digital A/V player and more. With OmniLink60 technology, each SiBEAM-enabled device will not only maintain awareness of other devices in the network, but also that device’s capabilities, such as whether it is a digital video camera, game console or set-top box.

“There is a growing need to solve consumers’ craving for a ‘no new wires’ connectivity solution for their home A/V content sources and new flat panel high definition TV displays. Consumers are eager to adopt newer wireless technologies that will improve their lifestyles through the ability to interact with A/V content like never before,” said Ross Young, President and Founder of research firm DisplaySearch. “SiBEAM’s WirelessHD with Omnilink60 technology will enable consumer electronics manufacturers to address this need with a low-cost solution that will deliver the uncompressed, high-quality content consumer are looking for.”

With the availability of the SK9110TXRX WirelessHD Development Kit, SiBEAM technology can be easily and affordably integrated by consumer electronics manufacturers, PC manufacturers and network infrastructure providers into their next generation wireless communications product lines, providing consumers with a simple, secure way to connect, play and transmit their high definition (HD) content. The SK9110TXRX WirelessHD Development Kit includes the WirelessHD reference design with transmit and receive capability, as well as full documentation including the user guide, schematics, bill of materials, gerber files, host side reference firmware and application notes to implement the design. These tools, combined with the devices’ industry standard interface, allow manufacturers to seamlessly integrate SiBEAM’s WirelessHD solutions into their existing HD platforms. For more information about SiBEAM’s WirelessHD-based chipset solutions, please email [email protected]

About OmniLink60

The 7 GHz of continuous bandwidth around the 60 GHz spectrum provides the spectral availability to achieve multi-gigabit per second data rates in a very cost effective, compact manner. However, due to the physical characteristics of the 60 GHz frequency, additional technology is required to ensure smooth operation for most applications. SiBEAM developed its Omnilink60 technology which optimizes for non-line of sight, low-cost and small form factor:

  • Non-line of sight: SiBEAM’s Omnilink60 systems find the best direction to focus the energy. If there is no good direct line from the transmitter to the receiver, OmniLink60 will automatically find the best bounce off walls, ceilings, floors, or any other object in the room, to allow non-line-of-sight communication.
  • Low-Cost: SiBEAM is the first to develop working 60 GHz chipsets in CMOS. SiBEAM invented techniques to design 60 GHz circuits in standard CMOS processes conventionally used for other types of chips such as microprocessors and consumer electronics components. This technique allows mass market production of high-performance, low-cost wireless solutions.
  • Small Form Factor: SiBEAM has developed state-of-the-art methods to integrate many antennas into a very small area using standard cost-effective packaging processes. SiBEAM’s integrated multi-element micro array antenna technology resolves challenges with bulky packaging previously required by most 60 GHz systems.

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