Haier Chooses Flingo Samba to Automatically Identify and Enhance Live TV Programs

Friday, January 4th, 2013 
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To Be Demonstrated at CES 2013, Haier Will Make TV More Fun and Engaging by Delivering a Seamless Connected Smart TV and Second Screen Experience

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Flingo, the world’s largest publisher of Smart TV apps, today announced that Samba, its new interactive TV platform, will be integrated into Haier Smart TVs to instantly synchronize any second screen — tablet, phone or PC — with live TV shows. Samba, which also launched today, automatically recommends related online videos or similar TV programs, and generates real-time information and social media discussions about the TV program currently playing. It also delivers additional capabilities such as check-ins, tweets, polls, quizzes, cast and crew information, and special offers directly on the TV itself.

Samba makes watching TV more fun and engaging because viewers can discover content on the TV or mobile device, and instantly share their favorites with friends. Underlying Samba, Flingo has a unique approach of embedding its content recognition technology into the TV itself, rather than relying on the microphone from second screen devices to identify broadcast content playing on the TV. Flingo’s technology can identify related content within a few seconds of changing channels, and makes this context available to applications running on the TV or any device within the home.

“Watching TV is so much better with friends, and our partnership with Haier allows us to bring Samba, our world class Social TV solution to one of the fastest growing TV manufacturers in the world,” said Ashwin Navin, CEO and Co-founder of Flingo. “We are excited to deploy Samba with Haier to highlight a seamless, interactive TV experience across multiple screens in the living room.”

“Samba makes Haier Smart TVs even smarter with sophisticated software technology and an integrated second screen experience,” said Aywin Zhou, General Manager of Platform and Services at Haier. “Our customers are seeking a powerful television experience whether they’re watching live sports, primetime television or blockbuster movies. With Samba, Haier customers have everything from recommendations, what’s trending on social media, and information about the show and cast at their fingertips on the TV and on the second screen.”

Flingo will be demonstrating Samba in Las Vegas, NV at CES 2013 in the Central Hall (booth 15239). It will also be available for demo in Haier’s booth in the Central Hall (booth 10939).

Links: Flingo; Haier