KPN Belgium launches 'SNOW' digital TV, internet and fixed-line telephony

(KPN Group Belgium lanceert nieuw merk SNOW voor digitale televisie, internet en vaste telefonie)

(KPN Group Belgium lance SNOW, sa nouvelle marque pour la télévision digitale, l'Internet et la téléphonie fixe)

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013 

BRUSSELS — KPN Group Belgium / BASE has today launched SNOW, a new brand with which the company aims to carve out a position as a challenger in the market for digital television, Internet and fixed-line telephony in Belgium, starting from 7 February. With SNOW, KPN Group Belgium will enable consumers only to pay for what they really want and customers can personalise their package à la carte.

The media, politicians and interest groups have repeatedly reported that Belgian consumers pay too much for digital television, Internet and fixed-line telephony. KPN Group Belgium has already established its role as a challenger in the mobile market. Over the last six years, the prices of mobile telephony have fallen by over 40%. In the same period, the price of Internet and TV actually increased by 21%. The market for digital television needs a strong challenger.

With SNOW, KPN Group Belgium is entering the market for digital television, Internet and fixed-line telephony with a transparent product formula and a competitive price, that enables customers to pay for what they really want, instead of paying for an offering that many consumers barely use.

With SNOW, KPN Group Belgium continues to build on its successful multi-brand approach. Besides the strong mobile brand BASE, there is now SNOW, which KPN Group Belgium will use to take on its role of challenger in the market for digital television, Internet and fixed-line telephony. SNOW also stands for simplicity, transparency and a customer-oriented approach.

Whereas the average price of a “triple play” package with digital TV now often costs over 50 euro per month, SNOW provides a very comprehensive package of digital TV, Internet and fixed-line telephony for only 39 euro. There are no extra charges on top of this price for a cable or telephone contract. The basic collection for Dutch-speaking customers contains 32 frequently-viewed channels (33 in the basic collection for French-speaking customers). In addition, a customer can personalise his/her package à la carte, based on personal needs and preferences. Want to add some extra movie channels for one month during winter, or add some extra kids’ channels during the summer holidays? No problem. Customers can manage the extras à la carte online, and they can sign up for a month at a time.

“For us, now is the perfect time to challenge the market with SNOW,” says Jos Donvil, CEO of KPN Group Belgium, “The challenger role that we had and still have with BASE in mobile telephony will now be taken up by SNOW for Internet, fixed-line telephony and digital TV. SNOW finally brings consumers a comprehensive product at a keen price.”

SNOW is available from 7 February through, BASE shops and ALLO telecom shops.

The 39 €/month* SNOW pack consists of :

  • Digital TV – Basic Collection NL/FR; 32 popular channels, including some in HD
  • Internet – Download speed up to 30Mbps, uploads up to 2.5 Mbps, unlimited download volume.
  • Fixed-line telephony – Unlimited calls to landlines in Belgium at weekends and on weekdays from 17.00 to 08.00.

*No additional cable or telephone contract charges will be added to this price.

Launch offer of 99 euros instead of 199 euros for one-off installation cost, use of modem and SNOWbox (decoder)

Links: KPN; SNOW