ADB and Innovative Systems bring IPTV technology to U.S. independent telcos

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014 
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ADB and Innovative Systems partner to bring ADB IPTV technology to independent telco operators in North America

  • ADB’s existing 3800W IPTV customers can soon have interoperability with Innovative Systems’ software
  • Partnership extends Innovative’s reach to ADB’s customer base and opens a new market for ADB
  • Innovative Systems’ customers now have a choice of set-top box platforms
  • Trials with three IPTV operators already underway

BROOMFIELD, Colorado — Advanced Digital Broadcast (ADB) [SIX: ADBN] today announced that Innovative Systems’ IPTV middleware will run on ADB’s 3800W set-top box giving North American IPTV operators a wider choice of hardware and software. With nearly 100 middleware systems deployed, Innovative Systems is a leading provider of integrated solutions for the Independent Communications Industry. With this partnership, ADB can now offer its platforms to this substantial market.

Innovative Systems’ set top box software has been integrated using ADB’s UnifyTV software development kit (SDK). It is now integrated with the ADB-3800W HD IPTV set-top box and will be extended to the ADB-2721W/WX in the near future. This solution will be demonstrated at the North Dakota Telephone Association’s TOC Show in Fargo, ND.

This partnership gives ADB customers a choice of middleware and also extends ADB’s reach to those operators who have committed to an environment based on Innovative Systems’ technology. IPTV operators already using ADB 3800W STBs now have the option to migrate to Innovative Systems’ set-top box software.

“Innovative Systems is a popular IPTV middleware among independent video operators in North America. This partnership gives these operators a choice of set-top box platforms for the first time, ensuring they can offer ADB’S compelling, competitive proposition to their subscribers,” said Richard Phelps SVP Americas & Asia at ADB.

“With three operator trials already underway, we are seeing impressive results and are confident that support for Innovative Systems’ software on ADB’s IPTV platforms will be a winning formula,” said Ryan Tupper, Vice President of Innovative Systems. “This integration work opens up new opportunities for Service Providers, as well as Innovative Systems and ADB.”

Innovative Systems’ IPTV set-top-box middleware and integrated customer/set-top-box management system includes multi-stream DVR with subscriber web control and a suite of interactive television and integrated telephony applications. The solution includes Whole-Home DVR, STB apps, Video-On-Demand, Restart, Mobile device controls and blended telephony services such as on-screen caller ID, recent call list and voicemail waiting indicator.