Amino sets the standard with one-millionth AmiNET110 sale

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008 
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IPTV vendor shapes global MPEG-2 standard definition Set-Top Box market

CAMBRIDGE, UK — Amino, the world leading IPTV platform supplier, today announced that it shipped its millionth AmiNET110 Set-Top Box (STB) in H2’07.

The AmiNET110 has become the benchmark MPEG-2 standard definition product for the IPTV industry. With nearly half a million AmiNET110 STBs distributed in 2007 alone, Amino offers an award winning compact STB, ideal for multicast and video on-demand applications.

“The success of the AmiNET110 is a clear indicator that Amino benefited from its position as early innovator in the growing IPTV market. Our sales were largely supported by dominance in MPEG-2 which continues to be a suitable technology in countries where telcos have good network infrastructure,” said Bob Giddy, CEO at Amino. “The AmiNET110 leads the IPTV field, and this achievement shows that our customers can maintain their competitive edge.”

“Consumers demand an IPTV solution that works, so we had to deliver a proven, reliable IPTV service that not only would perform faultlessly, but also would provide new exciting interactive applications. The AmiNET110 has been the perfect choice,” said Jorge Atton, CEO of Telefónica del Sur (Telsur) in Chile.

The AmiNET110 STB provides an elegant and powerful means of delivering sophisticated interactive digital television including multicast and on demand video along with Internet access. A USB interface is provided to support functionality such as games controllers. It also offers Ethernet input and flexible audio/video outputs, together with S/P-DIF and an RF Modulator output.

Shane Walker, Industry Analyst, IMS Research, added: “We will see increased shipments of both MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC IP STBs throughout 2008. Despite the rapid rate of change in this developing industry, Amino continues to rank as one of the top IP STB suppliers in the world.

The success of the AmiNET110 has allowed Amino to expand its STB range and led to the development of the AmiNET125, a multi-codec IP STB designed to deliver IPTV and Internet TV services together with added value applications such as VoIP. This innovative mix of performance and flexibility won the CSI 2007 Product of the Year Award in the category Best IPTV Technology.