Switzerland's upc cablecom launches MyPrime VOD

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014 
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MyPrime perfects the upc cablecom television experience

ZURICH — upc cablecom customers can now benefit from Switzerland’s most comprehensive television experience. From now on, not only can they watch TV channels including time-shift television and enjoy the latest blockbusters in Video on Demand, they can also choose from several thousand classic films, series, children’s programmes and documentaries – as well as from Swiss productions and SRF programmes. This video library is called MyPrime, and it is being continuously expanded. It costs CHF 9.95 per month and offers unlimited use of the complete library. Customers with a bundle can use MyPrime at no additional cost.

Today’s television customers want to choose for themselves what content they watch when and where. upc cablecom fulfils this wish. From now on, customers will be able to watch television programmes (including time-shifted programmes), rent individual films from the vast selection in Video on Demand, and now also choose from the MyPrime library. They can consume all content at home on a television set and, thanks to Horizon Go, also on the go or at home on a computer or mobile device.

Unlimited entertainment

MyPrime is available now for all upc cablecom television customers and has a most attractive offer in store for them. The video library includes several thousand classic films, children’s programmes, series and documentaries and is being expanded all the time. When putting together the content for MyPrime, upc cablecom was able to make use of its good and long standing relationships with renowned national and international film studios and production companies such as BBC and CBS/Paramount.

The film library includes classics such as “The Aviator”, “The King’s Speech”, “Pulp Fiction”, “La vita e bella” or “Good Will Hunting” and award-winning films of recent years such as “Silver Linings Playbook” or “There will be blood”. MyPrime also includes complete seasons of popular series such as “The Walking Dead”, “Californication” or “Der Bestatter” or cult classics such as “Star Trek” or “Twin Peaks”. In addition, there is a vast selection of children’s programmes such as “Heidi”, “Biene Maja”, “Paddington Bear” or “Teletubbies” and BBC documentaries such as “Planet Earth” or the “Michael Palin” series.

“I particularly enjoy classic films. And as an American, what I especially like about MyPrime is that lots of films are available in their original language. But I don’t just like exciting and entertaining films – I also enjoy series and documentaries,” says Eric Tveter, CEO of upc cablecom. “There is something for everyone – from film buffs to series fans.”

Ivo Hoevel, Senior Vice President Marketing & Products, was also awaiting the launch of MyPrime with great anticipation: “I am a big fan of ‘Pulp Fiction’, and so I am particularly pleased that this cult film is also among MyPrime’s vast selection of films. With MyPrime, we are offering our customers a large number of popular national and international films, series and documentaries. And by doing so we are fulfilling our customers’ wishes for unlimited entertainment and hope that we will continue to impress them.”

Free as part of a bundle for some 50,000 television customers

The MyPrime monthly subscription costs just CHF 9.95 and can be used with any receiver. MyPrime is included in the latest Horizon and DigiCard bundles – “Plus”, “Super”, “Cool” and “Joy”. This applies to some 50,000 customers who have subscribed to these subscriptions since February 2013.

Since MyPrime is integrated into the existing Video on Demand platform, neither an additional device nor any changes are required. Video on Demand, which launched in 2009 and is extremely successful, will remain an important element of the fascinating television world of upc cablecom. Blockbusters are added to the Video on Demand library three months after their cinema release.

MyPrime also offers a number of Swiss film treats

Fans of Swiss films will also get their money’s worth: With “Der Verdingbub”, “Der Teufel von Mailand” or “Der Bestatter” from SRF, the most popular Swiss series of recent years, MyPrime has something for every taste. Thanks to the collaboration with SRF, upc cablecom customers also have access to a number of recent documentary programmes.

upc cablecom has come up with something special for the launch of MyPrime: It has commissioned its own television series. The well-known Swiss scriptwriter Katja Früh (“Der Bestatter”/“Lüthi und Blanc”) is writing the twelve-episode series “Fässler-Kunz” together with Patrick Frey – the main roles will be played by Frey and actress Esther Gemsch. The sitcom is about the everyday life of an older married couple and about the daily challenges they face. The series will be made available to MyPrime customers on their set-top boxes and online from the start of December.