Netgem upgrades EE TV software

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015 
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Netgem PVX innovates again with new EE TV features

LONDON — TV Connect — Innovation doesn’t stop at launch with Netgem PVX. That’s why we are already rolling out new features for EE TV : Save from Replay, and HD Replay.

Rapid innovation cycle is at the heart of our “TV as a Service” turn-key solution. We innovate even when we are ahead of the market, as demonstrated with EE TV – and the proof is in the pudding this month in the UK.

In October 2014 Netgem PVX launched a new TV service with the largest mobile operator in the UK – EE TV – all reviews were impressive (4.5/5 for the Daily Star) and particularly around the innovative aspect of the User Interface and the “Replay” feature.

“Replay” allows viewers to set their TV box to record the last 24 hours of the six favourite channels of their choice – ensuring they always have interesting programmes to watch, on demand and from the beginning, even programmes that are not finished yet.

Whilst overall extremely positive, some Press reviews (Engadget and Pocket-lint) highlighted a small number of limitations to the “Replay” functionality: you could not yet save a programme from the Replay hub, to watch later and Replay was not available yet for HD channels.

Netgem PVX have listened and only a few weeks after launch, it’s there: “Save from Replay”, and HD Replay are new features rolled out last month across the fast-growing EE TV base together with a full pack of User Interface enhancements.

Netgem PVX : continuous innovation

That’s not the first innovation we’ve introduced since launch: in December just one month after launch we integrated the BBC “Connected Red Button” functionality into our platform, demonstrating how hybrid IP/DTT was more than a technical standard, but a reality for the customer.

A few weeks later –in March-, we also added ‘NOW TV’ to our suite of on-demand Content Partners, bringing the best premium content from Sky, subscription-free to our TV platform, and showing how our HTML5 platform is indeed the most OTT-friendly around.

With Netgem PVX innovation doesn’t have to stop at launch, and being ahead of the pack doesn’t mean you should put your foot off the gas. Watch this space for more innovation this year!

Netgem PVX is the latest company of the Netgem group, based in London and created to deliver the ‘TV Personal Viewing Experience’ (PVX) to Telco customers, leveraging 20 years of TV experience from Netgem and as demonstrated by the market-leading ‘EE TV’ product launched in October 2014.