TRAI consults on roadmap to DTT in India

Friday, June 24th, 2016 
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NEW DELHI — The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has released a Consultation Paper On Issues related to Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting in India.

Terrestrial broadcasting is at present an exclusive domain of Doordarshan (DD) which ranks amongst the world’s largest terrestrial television networks. DD has a network of 1412 analog transmitters that provide TV services through two national channels namely, DD National and DD News. In addition to this, the network also broadcasts several regional TV channels over the terrestrial network.

Objectives of the consultation paper

In a competitive multi-channel, multi-platform environment, DTT may provide new opportunities to provide TV channels along with a host of other value-added-services. This paper discusses the existing terrestrial TV broadcasting scenario with an objective to critically examine the ongoing digitization efforts in the light of international practices adopted for such digital migration. Following are the broad objectives of the consultation:-

  1. To examine the viability of DTT platform and services in the context of already existing multiple digital TV distribution platforms.
  2. To develop and suggest a road map for the transition to Digital terrestrial TV transmission/Mobile TV transmission and also suggest the timelines for switching off the existing analog transmission.
  3. To formulate a methodology for digitization terrestrial TV networks
  4. To assess the spectrum utilization for existing and future digital terrestrial broadcasting services.
  5. To examine the feasibility of participation of the private sector in the growth of terrestrial broadcasting ecosystem.
  6. To put in place a regulatory framework that encourages migration to DTT/ Mobile TV channels while ensuring transparency and a level playing field that facilitates growth in the sector.