CableClix introduces 'lean-back experience' for cable-cutters

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017 
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CableClix Pioneers First Lean-Back Experience for Cable-Cutters

LOS ANGELES — CableClix (USA), Inc. (OTCPK:CCLX) is pioneering online TV evolution by designing the first ‘lean-back experience’ for online viewing. Lean-back – continuous delivery of TV broadcast, common for cable TV but not yet for online viewing – gives audiences more viewing time, delivered as uninterrupted play of highly personalized content.

Lean-back play solves the problem of audiences losing hours of viewing time just browsing through menus deciding what to watch next. CableClix’s research – with audiences as well as executives from major online platforms, studios and multi-channel networks – revealed a consistent issue across the video content landscape: usability.

The explosion of content availability has made the process of navigation and discovery problematic for viewers. CableClix’s ethos and design creates a solution to this problem by simplifying the viewing experience without sacrificing diversity of content or discovery of new favorites.

Jason Schoch, CableClix User Experience Designer, said: “We’ve designed CableClix to address the pain-points that audiences experience with current online TV services, mainly the fractured, multi-app viewing journey. Our research shows that today’s viewer is intelligent, cultured and choosy. Modern audiences know what they want. CableClix is focused on alleviating the pain of searching by continuously delivering highly personalized content to the audience.”

Cauri Jaye, CableClix Chief Product Officer, said: “For those reluctant to cut their cable TV subscription, CableClix’s app will make taking the plunge a much easier step. And those already familiar with online viewing will be eager to upgrade to a system that’s built to understand their viewing preferences.”

CableClix combines big data with AI (artificial intelligence) to perfect the personalization of TV content, and capture valuable data that tracks rapidly-changing viewer behavior in the global online TV streaming market.

CableClix launches the entirely personalized online TV experience to a discrete beta test group in the fall.