UpdateLogic® to Provide Update Services for Tru2way™ Interactive Cable Devices

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008 

UpdateTV® Technology Can Automatically Deliver Software Fixes and Enhancements to Tru2way-enabled Digital Televisions and Set Top Boxes

UpdateLogic, Inc., the pioneer in solutions to distribute software fixes and enhancements to television devices, today announced support for tru2way™ technology – the rapidly emerging Java-based set of specifications that enables a wave of new interactive digital and high-definition video services. UpdateLogic’s UpdateTV service provides tru2way TV manufacturers and cable TV operators an automated solution to upgrade the firmware on consumer TVs, eliminating the need for on-site technician visits and improving overall customer satisfaction.

“Announcing support for tru2way is a significant milestone for UpdateLogic and we are pleased to be among the industry leaders in promoting the widespread adoption of tru2way technology in consumer electronics devices”, said Kurt Thielen, Chief Executive Officer for UpdateLogic. “Due to the added complexity and functionality of tru2way devices, the likelihood of having to send a software upgrade to a television is increased. Our UpdateTV technology will enable manufacturers to dramatically improve customer satisfaction while reducing the cost of customer service.”

The tru2way technology (the retail brand for the OpenCable™ hardware and OCAP™ software technical initiatives) is being adopted by cable operators as well as manufacturers of televisions, set-top boxes and other devices. Major cable TV operators, representing more than 80 million U.S. homes, have committed to supporting tru2way on their systems by 2009 making tru2way support an imperative for device manufacturers. Several major CE manufacturers, including Sony, Panasonic and Samsung, recently announced support for the tru2way platform.

“The tru2way platform is rapidly emerging as a critical platform for cable TV operators and consumer-electronics manufacturers alike,” said So Vang, Vice President of Advanced Media Platforms at CableLabs, and head of the OpenCable Project. “Through tru2way technology, cable operators have an enhanced capacity to support a robust, two-way retail market as well as to create innovative and engaging services for their subscribers. We’re excited to see companies like UpdateLogic provide innovative services around the tru2way platform that will enhance the customer experience.”

For UpdateLogic, tru2Way-enabled devices represent an additional platform for its signature firmware update service. UpdateLogic can now transparently, proactively, and cost-effectively deliver and install software updates for tru2way digital television (DTV) devices such as TVs and set-top boxes in consumer homes – reducing support costs for manufacturers and cable operators while increasing the reliability of these digital TV devices. In October of 2006, CableLabs and UpdateLogic announced an agreement which requires participating cable operators to work with UpdateLogic to enable so-called “in-band” distribution of software updates over two-way digital cable networks. As a result, UpdateLogic has a streamlined, efficient way to send firmware updates through cable TV networks to tru2way digital television devices.

The UpdateTV technology and service for tru2way products is available today. Manufacturers can contact UpdateLogic for licensing terms and conditions.