ACMA releases final report on survey of digital television in Australian homes

Monday, June 30th, 2008 
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The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) today released the full findings of its research into the uptake of digital television in Australian homes. The top line results of this work, which showed that 42 per cent of Australian homes had adopted digital TV, were released in April 2008.

The full report, Digital television in Australian homes 2007, contains further detail on trends in the adoption of digital television over the past three years and analysis into the various factors associated with its uptake.

The report indicates that more than half (52.6 per cent) of households earning over $70,000 annually are watching digital television.

Only a quarter (25.3 per cent) of households with annual income under $30,000 have made the switch.

The research also found people living in houses or townhouses were more likely (at 43.1 per cent) than those living in flats, units or apartments (at 36.2 per cent) to have adopted digital television.

Adopters of digital television were also more likely to have subscription television, a broadband internet connection, and to have watched audio-video content from the internet or on their mobile in the last month than non-adopters.

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