Alpha Komunikacijos Chooses Widevine to Protect Kava IPTV Service

Monday, September 8th, 2008 
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Widevine Cypher® ensures premium Hollywood, European content delivery to traditional STBs and Internet connected devices

SEATTLE — Widevine® Technologies, the only provider of multiformat, multiplatform DRM and digital copy protection solutions, today announced that Lithuanian IPTV operator Alpha komunikacijos has selected Widevine Cypher® to secure delivery of premium broadcast and video-on-demand content for its KAVA IPTV service. Alpha komunikacijos chose Widevine because of its established record of securing Hollywood and European content on STBs as well as PVRs, PCs and Macs.

KAVA, launched in June, offers a full range of TV, VOD and interactive services to their subscribers with plans to grow their service to more than 80,000 households in Lithuania. Today, Alpha komunikacijos’ fiber to the building network offers Internet based services to more than 10,000 subscribers. The company saw an opportunity to select a highly scalable and affordable IPTV solution, which includes Nordija for middleware and Motorola for set top boxes.

“Alpha komunikacijos chose Widevine for its unified content protection capabilities, which not only enables access to premium European and Hollywood content delivery, but also provides the freedom to expand content delivery to the myriad of retail Internet connected devices coming onto the market,” said Marius Dabrisius, Alpha komunikacijos CEO. “Securing our IPTV service is only half the challenge. Our long term goal is to introduce a set of Internet TV services which offer customers the option to purchase a retail entertainment device, bring it home and plug it into our services. Widevine is a key enabler of that plan.”

Alpha komunikacijos receives the added benefit of expansion to retail consumer devices from manufacturers that Widevine is working with to integrate content security including internet connected televisions, hard-drive enabled Blu-ray players, Apple iPhones and iPod Touch devices.

“Widevine is pleased to offer total consumer device flexibility over the long term for Alpha komunikacijos,” said Matt Cannard, Widevine’s vice president of marketing. “The ability to bridge new Internet TV services to connected consumer electronics using Widevine is key to their success. Our multiplatform capability is enabling revenue generation with operators such as Alpha komunikacijos who must offer more than a managed network offering in the future.”