DiBcom offers Mobile TV on the new Mio navigation device in Europe

Thursday, December 11th, 2008 
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The Mio C728 portable navigation device uses DiBcom’s DVB-T/H technology for enhanced digital TV reception

PNDPARIS — DiBcom, the leading provider of Mobile TV solutions, is proud to announce that its technology is now being integrated into the Mio C728, a top-of-the-line portable navigation device (PND), enabling it to receive free-to-air DVB-T Television.

Mio Technology is the world’s leading GPS maker and has introduced the Mio C728, the first PND with a 7″ 800×480 pixel screen. Thanks to the integration of DiBcom’s Mobile TV components, the device enables crystal clear digital TV pictures on its very wide screen. A built-in FM transmitter also plays sound directly through the car stereo system, making the C728 the ultimate multimedia navigator. The C728 also features the latest TeleAtlas maps of 22 European countries, as well as cutting-edge audiovisual functions for the tech-savvy user.

Receiving digital TV in a car is still a challenge, especially when travelling at high speeds. It requires advanced technology to ensure reliable and constant picture quality. In order to achieve the best results in the most demanding environments, the Mio C728 uses the very latest technology in terms of Mobile TV reception. DiBcom’s integrated components work in diversity mode, which combines the signals received by two antennas and enhances performance. They are ideal for PND’s, thanks to their small size and low power consumption.

“This new collaboration shows how DiBcom’s high performance Mobile TV technologies are the preferred choice of market leaders,” said Yannick Lévy, CEO of DiBcom. “Devices such as the new Mio C728 allow consumers to benefit from the convergence of reliable navigation support and sophisticated entertainment. In addition to helping drivers find their way, the device can be turned into a portable TV set when stuck in traffic jams, or to entertain the kids,” he added.

“Creating PND devices that feature Mobile TV means that we are able to offer consumers yet another value added option,” said Samuel Wang, President of Mio Technology Corp. “We are extremely pleased to partner with a leading Mobile TV reference such as DiBcom, whose expertise within the domain is undisputed,” he added.

The Mio C728 is already available across Europe.