Way now open for Widespread Use of IPTV - New Specifications Published

Thursday, January 8th, 2009 

The Open IPTV Forum, the pan-industry initiative that was established to take IPTV to the mass market, has published the detailed system and protocol specifications – Release 1 IPTV Solution Specifications – which will enable the widespread deployment of IPTV services.

IPTV – digital television received through the same technologies used for computer networks, using Internet Protocol – will revolutionise the way people experience television. IPTV will provide new interactive services; in addition to the ability to interact with scheduled programmes, such as voting with their remote control, IPTV also provides Content on Demand, where users select content items they want to watch at a time of their choosing. IPTV can be integrated with communication services such as presence and text messaging, allowing users not only to see if their friends are online, but also to chat or share information about the show that they are watching on TV, or receive on-screen notifications about incoming calls or requests for video chat. IPTV will also allow the integration of mobile and fixed TV.

With the publication of Release 1, the Open IPTV Forum is delivering on its promise to open up access to the interactive and personalised services offered by IPTV. Together with the profiles that will be delivered in spring 2009, these new specifications will allow the industry to deploy IPTV networks and devices that interoperate, while at the same time offering an evolution path for the future. Such networks and devices will enable IPTV services that are easy to use as well as attractive to the end-user.

Release 1 is contained in seven volumes of specifications:

  • Volume 1 – Overview
  • Volume 2 – Media Formats
  • Volume 3 – Content Meta Data
  • Volume 4 – Protocols for Home Network, User-Network and Network-Network interfaces
  • Volume 5 – Declarative Application Environment
  • Volume 6 – Procedural Application Environment
  • Volume 7 – Authentication, Content Protection and Service Protection

These are accompanied by an updated version of the Functional Architecture specification for Release 1. The documents can all be downloaded from the Forum’s website.

The Forum will now begin work immediately on Release 2, which is scheduled for completion by the end of 2009, and will address the issues of interoperability testing and profiling. The Service and Platform Requirements for Release 2, which will guide the Forum’s work for the coming year, are also available on the website.

A revised version of the Forum’s White Paper, which describes the world of IPTV in general and the vision of the Open IPTV Forum, now includes a section explaining the new specifications.

Yun Chao Hu, Chair of the Open IPTV Forum, commented: “I am confident that IPTV Release 1 will contribute to the global growth of IPTV deployment in the near-term. And I am very pleased to be able to say that the OIPF is already working on its next release of specifications – the direction for this work has been set by the publication of the Service and Platform Requirements for Release 2. It is exciting to see the new enabling features to be included in this Release, which will further increase the end-user value of IPTV solutions.”

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