Transparent Video Systems Announces TVS SmartStream Digital Bridge™ Which Eliminates Set-Top Boxes for Delivering Cable Services

Monday, February 23rd, 2009 

TVS’s new SmartStream Digital Bridge, brings the power of cable–TV, VOD, Data and VoIP to the home subscriber without the need of a cable box. SmartStream Digital Bridge connects directly to TV’s, PC’s, Mac’s, Mobile Devices, and Media Storage Devices turning them into instant cable connections without the use of a set top box

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina — Transparent Video Systems, Inc., announced TVS SmartStream Digital Bridge™ System, today at the NCTC Winter Educational Conference and Technology Showcase. A first in the cable industry, this RF to USB TVS SmartStream Digital Bridge integrates TV’s, PC’s, Mac’s, Mobile Devices and Media Storage Devices directly to the cable source without the need of a set-top box (STB). The TVS System also includes the use of their new TVS SmartStream CAS™ Card, a mini SD card CAS encrypted which eliminates the need for the old and very expensive cable card. The Secure Digital Storage Card has been enhanced to provide the world standard DVB Smart card technology which has been used in thousands of CEA consumer products

The SmartStream Digital Bridge System comprises TVS’s 3 chip technology, delivering DRM attributes, DVB key exchange via an RF to USB connection, along with a mini-SDCAS card and even 2 gigs of removable storage memory. Together, this portable system, running on any TVS industry-standard cable network – enables service providers to deliver an end-to-end system for interactive television at a fraction of the cost of traditional STB’s and cable cards.

“TVS SmartStream Digital Bridge has delivered to our cable affiliates the ability to be the first in offering next-generation MPEG-2 to MPEG-4 high-definition television on-the-go,” said Norman Gillaspie, President of Transparent Video Systems. “The ability to react quickly to subscriber needs, services and localization is paramount for today’s cable operator. TVS’s digital bridge allows subscribers the ability to interface with modern technology they already have in their home, eliminating the need for expensive STB’s and cable cards. The digital bridge uniquely allows the use of standard or high definition cable output to provide a richer user experience, and also lays the foundation for an even wider range of interactive services across a broader array of home electronics.”

TVS SmartStream Digital Bridge will be available to TVS customers by third quarter 2009 and is currently in testing.