Czech Republic - O2TV has 20,000 customers

Tuesday, February 6th, 2007 
Telefónica O2 Czech Republic logo

Interest in the new and unique fixed-line television service is massive: at present, over 20,000 subscribers have jumped on board and newly sent orders further confirm huge interest in the service! Telefónica Telefónica O2 Czech Republic, the country’s first integrated operator, introduced the one-of-a-kind service under the name O2TV on September 1, 2006. For the first time in the Czech Republic, the fixed line became synonymous not only with voice and Internet services, but also with entertainment in the forms of television and film. It provides customers with hundreds of films and a vast selection of channels and radio stations from both local and world famous entertainment studios and television and radio networks.

“Interest among customers in O2TV has exceeded all of our expectations. After only five months of operation, over 20,000 customers have ordered O2TV. O2 TV customers have quickly learned that fixed lines are not only about making phone calls or connecting to the Internet with high speed ADSL, but also about having the best in televised entertainment and movies at their command. No other provider of communications in the Czech Republic offer this level of services and richness in features,” stated Andrei Torriani, Chief Marketing Officer, Telefónica O2 Czech Republic.

Over the last few months, O2 has prepared a number of new features to make the service more attractive to its customers. These are:

Increasing the contents of the Videotheque – in co-operation with Sony Picture TV International
Customers that activate O2TV get more than access to films, television channels, and radio stations. The service also provides them with other benefits. One of them is the Videotheque, a virtual video rental shop, where customers can choose from a wide selection of films, fairy tales, and documentaries. “On February 1, 2007, Telefónica O2 became the first operator in the Czech Republic to start cooperating with renowned Hollywood movie studio Sony Picture Television International. The three-year contract that we signed provides us with access to a catalogue with over 2,000 titles. With O2TV, customers will be able to watch every title that Sony Picture Television presents in the Czech Republic in cinemas or video distribution,” added Torriani.

Self-installation package

In order to initiate the service, O2TV subscribers simply need a modem and a set-top box connected to a normal television set. Service installation is so simple that even less technically proficient subscribers can manage it. Based on a customer survey, a self-installation package is also now available – that is, instructions on how to activate the service and all related information that is required for installation. Those interested can set up the O2TV service themselves, in accordance with the aforementioned instructions, and do not have to wait for a professional to install it.

O2TV service coverage

When the service was launched in September 2006, O2TV was accessible on over one million fixed telephone lines in Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Olomouc, Pilsen, Liberec, České Budějovice, and many other district towns. Five months after its launch, this number rose to two million households with O2TV technology access in the Czech Republic.

TV Archives

The TV Archives service, which is available to all O2TV customers free of charge, also has some new features. Since September 11, 2006, customers can access the archives of ČT1, ČT2, ČT4 Sport, and ČT24 to watch shows broadcast up to seven days previously. Since the end of October 2006, the TV Archives have also included programs broadcast on Prima.