Factum Electronics delivers DAB+ and T-DMB solution to Malaysia

Monday, June 15th, 2009 

Factum Electronics, the world-leading supplier of equipment for mobile digital multimedia broadcasting and a wholly owned subsidiary of Effnet Holding AB (Stockholm OMX: EFFN), today announced it has won a contract for the supply of DAB+ (digital radio) and T-DMB (mobile TV) to a state-owned broadcaster in Malaysia.

Factum will provide the complete head-end solution, including system installation and customer training. The order includes solutions for radio and TV services, as well as data services like DLS, MOT-SLS, BWS and EPG. Factum will also perform integration of the system interfaces to local existing studio and content play-out systems.

“This is a breakthrough order for DAB+ and T-DMB technology in South East Asia. Factum puts a lot of efforts into promoting this technology in to new regions, and we are proud to now also have a reference customer in Malaysia”, says Kenneth Lundgren, Managing Director, Factum Electronics AB and CEO of Effnet Holding AB.

DAB+ digital radio and T-DMB mobile TV share the same equipment infrastructure, based on the Eureka 147 family of standards. The Factum system solution system will support both standards, with 15 channels of audio (digital radio) and two T-DMB channels (mobile TV), and it is also enabled for various data services like TPEG, TMC, etc.

Factum Electronics won the order in co-operation with the local companies Asia Pacific Zone Systems Sdn. Bhd. and Telekom Malaysia Bhd. Telekom Malaysia is the overall system integrator, while Factum Electronics and Zone Systems are handling the complete installation of the head-end part of the system.