FreeHD Canada applies for DTH licence

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009 
CRTC logo

THORNHILL, Ontario — FreeHD Canada Inc. is a new Canadian Direct-to-Home satellite company that has developed a unique offering for the Canadian marketplace. FreeHD Canada plans to offer a superior High Definition TV offering (more HD channels, better quality, less price) to consumers across Canada.

FreeHD Canada has applied to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) for a licence, and is seeking approval to launch its service in early 2011. By utilizing the latest new technologies, FreeHD Canada is able to provide more than 200 channels of superior picture quality HD into consumer homes via a small inexpensive satellite dish. We will be offering two packages to consumers:

Free ‘Local Program Package’

For consumers that are used to receiving a few local channels ‘off-air’ from an antenna, FreeHD Canada will offer a free ‘Local Program Package’ of 15-20 Canadian television channels from within their region – in HD as they become available – and free to any consumer with a FreeHD Canada receive system (dish and set-top box).

‘All Access Package’

For consumers who want better TV (more HD channels – and with better picture quality) at a better price, FreeHD Canada will offer up to 150 of the Canadian Pay and Specialty channels – available in HD as they launch – in this package. FreeHD Canada will offer 2-3 times as many HD channels as its competitors.

The All Access Package will be very competitively priced – enough that we think many consumers will be very enticed.