Digital TV News: CI Plus LLP

Eurofins to serve as exclusive CI Plus 2.0 test partner
May 13, 2019 – Eurofins Digital Testing has announced that it will serve as the official test partner for the CI Plus 2.0 standard. Eurofins will provide early access to the automated CI Plus 2.0 test tool to enable pre-testing of devices in advance of certification.
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SMiT first with CI Plus ECP-certified CAM
Sep 12, 2018 – SMiT has announced that it has successfully passed CI Plus ECP's official certification, testing and registration processes for its Conditional Access Module (CAM) device. The device is the first of its kind to have done so.
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CI Plus launches new ECP Security Level
Sep 10, 2018 – CI Plus has announced the launch of a new CI Plus Enhanced Content Protection (ECP) Security Level designed to protect premium content and UHD TV. The new CI Plus ECP Security Level is designed to satisfy the content protection requirements of MovieLabs.
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Nicolas Stefanelli appointed as Chairman at CI Plus
Feb 6, 2018 – NEOTION has announced that Nicolas STEFANELLI, Strategic Partnerships at NEOTION, has been nominated as Chairman of the CI Plus LLP board for 2018. He’s the tenth chairman and succeeds Peter LANIGAN from TP Vision.
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450 million CI+ devices deployed
Feb 18, 2016 – CI Plus LLP has announced that the number of CI Plus compatible devices has now exceeded 450 Million units deployed in the market and has also outlined its vision for the future of CI Plus.
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Eurofins to provide pay TV security certification for MOST in-car infotainment systems
Nov 2, 2015 – Eurofins Digital Testing has announced that it is the official lab for certifying Pay TV enabled automotive infotainment systems, which use the MOST network to transport CI+ protected content, using Digital Transmission Content Protection (DTCP).
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Microchip enables CI+ based pay TV in automotive infotainment networks
Oct 13, 2015 – Microchip (NASDAQ: MCHP) has announced that system designers using MOST technology in their automotive infotainment networks can now use Microchip's MOST networking products to bring CI+-based Pay TV to their cars.
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MOST to use CI+ for in-car protected content distribution
Oct 6, 2015 – The MOST Cooperation has released its latest MOST Stream Transmission Specification that includes support for the MOST CI+ Interim License Agreement. CI+ will allow a MOST network to transport protected content using Digital Transmission Content Protection (DTCP).
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DVB unveils features of forthcoming DVB-CI Plus specification
Sep 13, 2013 – At IBC, DVB will unveil its work incorporating the latest version of CI Plus Extensions (V1.4) into the forthcoming DVB-CI Plus specification. The upcoming standard will enable IPTV to be delivered directly to the TV, without the need for a set-top box.
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