Digital TV News: Konka

Leading TV brands now more reliant on Chinese manufacturers
Jun 22, 2015 – TVs made by outsourcing specialists are expected to reach an industry record of 43 percent of LCD TVs shipped globally in 2015, according to IHS (NYSE: IHS). Outsourcing manufacturing has become one of the most important business strategies for TV brands.
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Konka commits to glasses-free 3D by Stream TV
Dec 29, 2014 – Stream TV Networks has announced that Konka has committed to Stream TV's Ultra-D Glasses-Free 3D technology for its television product line in 2015. Konka's adoption gives Stream TV a boost in its presence in Asia and beyond.
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Konka chooses DivX HEVC for 4K TVs
Oct 15, 2014 – DivX and Konka have announced that the two companies will work together to implement DivX® HEVC Ultra HD (4K) technology across Konka’s line of 4K digital televisions.
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Ultra HD TVs fast penetrating China market
Sep 9, 2014 – According to WitsView, approximately 14 million Ultra HD television have been shipped globally so far in 2014, penetrating 6-7% of the overall TV market. Chinese vendors have the highest penetration rates.
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Ultra HD TVs make gains but still lack market penetration
Jul 23, 2014 – Ultra-high-definition televisions (UHD TVs) continued to make slow and steady inroads throughout the world, but their share of the overall flat-panel TV market remained minimal by the end of May, according to IHS Technology (NYSE: IHS).
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Youku Tudou app for China's leading smart TV and OTT manufacturers
Apr 24, 2014 – Youku Tudou (NYSE: YOKU) has announced that it has inked strategic partnerships with most of China's leading smart TV and OTT manufacturers, 8 of which are an exclusive integration of the pre-installed Youku Tudou App.
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2013 4K TV panel shipments reach one million units in August
Sep 13, 2013 – According to the large-sized panel shipment survey by WitsView, large-sized TV panel shipment for August 2013 attained 70.11 million units. To the end of August, 2013 4K2K TV panel shipment accumulated to 1.22 million units
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Opera TV Snap triggers 100 Smart TV apps in record time
Sep 11, 2013 – Opera TV Snap has caused a boom in the number of Smart TV apps. In the two months since launch, with Dailymotion as its first partner, over 100 TV apps have been submitted by Dailymotion content partners using Opera TV Snap.
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Opera expands in China TV market with Konka
Sep 6, 2013 – Opera Software and Konka have announced that the Opera TV Store app platform, Opera TV browser and Opera Devices Software Development Kit (SDK) have now landed on Konka's newest Smart TV.
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