Digital TV News: SBTVD Forum

MPEG-H Audio added to SBTVD's ISDB-Tb specifications
Aug 27, 2019 – The SBTVD Forum has selected MPEG-H Audio for inclusion as an additional audio system in the ISDB-Tb specification. This allows broadcasters to simulcast MPEG-H Audio alongside the existing AAC audio.
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ACCESS Announces NetFront™ Browser Ginga Edition for Growing Brazilian Mobile TV Market
Feb 14, 2011 – ACCESS CO. has announced NetFront™ Browser DTV Profile Ginga Edition. The new browser supports the Brazilian standard for digital mobile broadcast TV (ISDB-Tb), which includes Ginga-NCL, the Brazil-specific interactive middleware layer.
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SBTVD Forum signs promotion agreement with South Africa's NAMEC
Sep 29, 2010 – The SBTVD Forum has signed an MOU with NAMEC promising to provide technical training to South African companies should Brazil's version of ISDB-T be adopted in South Africa, in return for NAMEC promoting the standard.
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Sun Microsystems And SBTVD Forum To Develop Open-Source Java Solution For Brazil's Digital TV System
Mar 4, 2008 – Sun Microsystems (NASDAQ:JAVA) and the SBTVD Forum have agreed to join forces in the development of an open-source content platform based on Java technology for use in the country-wide conversion of television applications and services.
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