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Smart Home will drive IoT to 50 billion devices
Oct 26, 2017 – The Internet of Things continues to expand rapidly, and the smart home will be one of the keys to further growth through the 2020s, according to Strategy Analytics. Nearly 20 billion IoT and connected devices will be deployed worldwide by the end of this year.
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Consumer Smart Home spending to grow to $158bn by 2022
Feb 28, 2017 – Strategy Analytics expects a period of competitive turbulence as new vendors vie for position in the burgeoning smart home market. Business models are in flux as service providers seek sustainable revenues other than for security monitoring.
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Service provider Smart Home opportunity to hit $62 billion by 2020
Oct 17, 2016 – According to Strategy Analytics, by 2020, consumers will be spending nearly $130 billion annually on smart home offerings, with 47%, or more than $60 billion, being available to service providers.
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