Digital TV News: Broadcast Australia

ENENSYS provides gateway and modulator for Australia DVB-T2 trial
Jul 1, 2019 – ENENSYS has announced that Free TV, TX Australia and Broadcast Australia used its gateway and modulator for trials of DVB-T2 in Australia. The trial assessed the performance of DVB-T2 transmission in both MFN and SFN configurations.
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GatesAir supplies exciter for DVB-T2 trials on Australia’s Gold Coast
Jan 23, 2019 – GatesAir has supplied its Maxiva XTE exciter to Australian broadcast entities - TX Australia, Broadcast Australia, and Free TV - for DVB-T2 field trials on Australia’s Gold Coast, just south of Brisbane.
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Rohde & Schwarz facilitates Australian DVB-T2 trials
Aug 9, 2018 – In cooperation with Free TV, ABC and SBS, Broadcast Australia recently conducted DVB-T2 trials in the Sydney area. Rohde & Schwarz supplied transmitters, retransmitters and test equipment for the testing phase.
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ENENSYS provides re-broadcast solution for DVB-T2 trials in Sydney
Jun 6, 2018 – ENENSYS has announced that it has provided its T2Gateway and DTTCaster products to enable Broadcast Australia / Free TV trials of next-generation broadcast technology in Sydney. The trial is assessing the performance of DVB-T2 in the Australian environment.
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Free TV and Broadcast Australia partner for DVB-T2 trials
Mar 21, 2018 – Free TV and Broadcast Australia have announced that they had agreed to conduct trials of next generation broadcast technology in Sydney. The SBS and the ABC will also be active participants in the trials.
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Broadcast Mobile TV demonstrated with Sydney Trial
Jan 23, 2009 – The Ai Group's Australian Digital Suppliers Industry Forum (ADSIF) is coordinating a DVB-H mobile TV trial in Sydney with partners including Optus, Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks, LG, Broadcast Australia and Australian Digital Testing.
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Broadcast Australia guides Thailand's DTV switchover
Sep 21, 2007 – It has been decided that Thailand's fixed terrestrial DTV network will be based on the digital video broadcasting - terrestrial (DVB-T) standard.
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Irdeto Conducts Sydney DVB-H trial
Jun 18, 2007 – Irdeto has partnered with Broadcast Australia, and head-end systems vendor Thomson in a DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcasting - Handheld) trial in Sydney, Australia.
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ACMA extends datacasting trial and approves new mobile television trial in Sydney on channels A and B
Mar 28, 2007 – ACMA has approved an application by Irdeto Access to conduct a digital video broadcasting-handheld (DVB-H) mobile television trial in Sydney. Using channel 29, this trial will be for a 'one-off' three month period commencing early April.
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