Digital TV News: Eric Tveter

Netflix app added to UPC Switzerland's Horizon HD Recorder
Dec 12, 2016 – Thanks to the global partnership entered into between Liberty Global and Netflix, customers in Switzerland can now benefit from an app that can be operated directly on the Horizon HD Recorder.
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One millionth Horizon customers for upc cablecom
Feb 20, 2015 – upc cablecom has welcomed its millionth Horizon customer. The Liberty Global multimedia platform was launched in Switzerland just over two years ago. The Horizon HD Recorder is also available in Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland and Poland. Together, these countries have now cracked the million mark.
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Switzerland's upc cablecom launches MyPrime VOD
Sep 3, 2014 – upc cablecom has announced the launch of its online video library MyPrime. MyPrime costs CHF 9.95 per month and offers unlimited use of the complete library. Customers with a bundle can use MyPrime at no additional cost.
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Switzerland's upc cablecom abolishes basic encryption
Oct 16, 2012 – upc cablecom has announced that by 1 January 2013 the 55 most popular TV channels (including HD) will be available in all households unencrypted. The cost of the basic digital offer (currently CHF 4 per month) will no longer apply.
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Cablecom broadcasts the first 3D television in Switzerland
Apr 12, 2010 – In the framework of a pilot project, cablecom is the first cable network operator to broadcast a programme in 3D in Switzerland. The final of the US Masters golf tournament in Augusta was broadcast in 3D.
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Cablecom and Swiss Television launch TV on demand
Oct 15, 2009 – In cooperation with Swiss Television, cablecom has launched TV on demand. cablecom customers in the greater Zurich area can now catch up on all programmes produced by Swiss Television at any time for up to a week after their initial broadcast.
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