Digital TV News: J. Allen Dove

Reel Cash launches TV ratings based on paying viewers for their data
Jul 31, 2018 – Reel Cash’s first product, called Reel Pass, is a free browser extension that the user activates when watching Netflix, YouTube TV, or other supported channels.
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IAB Tech Lab releases OTT Identifier for Advertising guidelines for comment
Apr 3, 2018 – The IAB Technology Laboratory has released 'Guidelines for Identifier for Advertising on OTT Platforms' with recommendations on how to maintain a high-quality advertising experience within over-the-top television (OTT) environments.
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SpotX granted certification renewal by the Trustworthy Accountability Group
Mar 22, 2018 – SpotX has announced that it has been granted certification renewal by the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) for all official seals including the Certified Against Fraud Seal, Certified Against Malware Seal, the Certified Against Piracy Seal, and the Certified Inventory Quality Guidelines (IQG) Seal.
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