Digital TV News: Jacques Bourgninaud

Wyplay Frog to be pre-integrated on ALi STB SoCs
Sep 2, 2016 – ALi and Wyplay have announced their collaboration to have Wyplay’s Frog Turnkey solution pre-integrated on ALi’s set-top box SoCs. Skyworth Digital will be one of the first to offer the complete solution.
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DishTV India selects Wyplay's Frog Turnkey Middleware
Mar 15, 2016 – DishTV has selected Wyplay to provide its Frog Turnkey Middleware and associated value added services on their set-top boxes. Dish TV’s customers will have access to an end-to-end offering from back-end broadcast services to an advanced client.
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STMicroelectronics bundles Wyplay Frog client software free with STB SoCs
Sep 10, 2015 – Wyplay and STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM) have announced that the Frog Client turnkey solution for connected zappers or PVR will be offered free of charge to OEM members of the Frog Community designing their STB products with ST’s Liege3 SoC family.
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KAON to distribute Frog by Wyplay pre-integrated on its STBs
Sep 7, 2015 – Wyplay and Kaon Media (KOSDAQ: KAON MEDIA) have announced their collaboration on the Frog Turnkey solution. Wyplay will be providing its Frog turnkey solution pre-integrated on KAON devices and KAON will bundle it in its offers to pay TV operators in key growth markets such as Eastern Europe or Africa.
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Jiuzhou to distribute Frog by Wyplay pre-integrated on its STBs
Sep 4, 2015 – Wyplay and Jiuzhou have announced their collaboration on the Frog Turnkey solution. Wyplay provides the Frog Turnkey solution pre-integrated on Jiuzhou devices while Jiuzhou promotes it towards pay TV operators and handles customization.
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Wyplay and ST disclose contribution to Canal+ 'Cube S' STB
Jun 30, 2015 – Wyplay and STMicroelectronics (NYSE:STM) have disclosed their contributions to the development of Canal+ 'Cube S' set-top-box unveiled on June 9th in Paris. The Cube S is a hybrid Internet and DTT set-top box.
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Wyplay integrates V-Nova PERSEUS video compression technology
Apr 23, 2015 – V-Nova and Wyplay have announced that they have achieved the integration of V-Nova’s PERSEUS video compression technology into the existing set-top-box platform of a Tier 1, European TV operator, which had been upgraded to run Frog Client middleware by Wyplay.
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Frog by Wyplay powers Sky Italia HD decoders
Apr 21, 2015 – Wyplay has announced that Sky Italia, in cooperation with Telecom Italia, are deploying a broadband HDTV decoder powered by Frog By Wyplay. The full Sky TV service offering will be deployed by Telecom Italia for their ultra-broadband customers.
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HUMAX joins Frog by Wyplay
Apr 20, 2015 – Wyplay and HUMAX (KOSDAQ:115160) have announced that HUMAX has become a Licensee of the Frog open-source STB client middleware solution. Frog is based on Wyplay’s software for digital TV client devices and TV operators’ backends.
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