Digital TV News: Jurandir Pitsch

SES accelerates Latin America’s path to Ultra HD
Apr 10, 2018 – Following major space and ground infrastructure investments and the expansion of its Latin America video neighbourhood, SES has announced the launch of its Ultra HD platform into the region to accelerate commercial 4K rollouts among TV providers across Latin America.
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Kiwisat's Caribbean DTH to transmit on SES-10
Apr 5, 2018 – Satellite TV provider Kiwisat is launching a DTH TV offering in the Caribbean using SES’s satellite SES-10. The service is mainly aimed at English-speaking islands, but also includes three French-speaking channels for French subscribers.
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SES enables MultTV to deliver TV to ISP subscribers in Brazil
Jun 6, 2017 – SES (Paris; LuxX: SESG) and MultTV have announced a capacity agreement which will enable MultTV’s ISP customers to deliver TV content to their subscribers via IP. MultTV will use C-band capacity on SES-6.
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NSS-806 satellite at 48°E wins regulatory approval in Brazil
Nov 6, 2014 – SES (Paris;LuxX:SESG) has announced that ANATEL, the Brazilian National Telecommunications Agency, has approved the NSS-806 satellite for use at the 48 degree West orbital position recently awarded at auction to SES.
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SES wins exploitation rights for two Brazilian orbital positions
Aug 18, 2014 – SES (Paris; LuxX:SESG) has announced that its subsidiary SES DTH do Brasil has signed with Anatel (Brazil's telecommunications agency) exploitation rights terms for two Brazilian orbital positions (48°W and 64°W).
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