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KT, France Telecom Join Forces for Digital Home
Apr 2, 2010 – KT (KRX:030200; NYSE:KT) and France Telecom (Paris & NYSE: FTE) have signed a memorandum of understanding for the delivery of a digital-home solution to local customers. Under the deal, KT will utilize France Telecom's 'SoftAtHome' middleware.
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3D coming to Korean IPTV
Mar 17, 2010 – According to a report in the Korea Times, the three IPTV providers in Korea - LG Telecom, SK Broadband and KT - are all working on 3D services for launch later this year.
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KT adds 265,000 Qook TV subscribers in 4Q09
Jan 29, 2010 – KT Corporation (Korea Telecom) [KRX:030200/NYSE:KT] has released its 4th Quarter 2009 results. Qook TV (Mega TV as was) IPTV subscribers reached 1.172 million at the end of December 2009, up 265,000 in the quarter.
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KT QOOK TV passes 1 million subscriber mark
Nov 9, 2009 – KT Corporation (KRX:030200/NYSE:KTC) has announced that subscribers to its QOOK TV television service in Korea have passed the 1 million mark.
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Asia subscription TV figures higher than ROW combined
Nov 4, 2009 – The Cable & Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia (CASBAA) has announced new data for subscription TV penetration across the Asia Pacific, noting that the region now has 326 million pay-TV, up 26 million homes in 2009.
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KT adds 183,000 Qook TV subscribers in 3Q09
Nov 3, 2009 – Korea Telecom (KT) [KRX:030200/NYSE:KTC] has released its 3rd Quarter 2009 results. Mega-TV IPTV subscribers reached 907,000 at the end of September 2009, up 183,000 in the quarter.
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IPTV in Korea reaches 1 million subscribers
Oct 9, 2009 – Nine months after launch, IPTV in Korea has reached one million subscribers, the Korea Digital Media Industry Association (KODIMA) has announced.
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IPTV subscribers in Korea hit 800,000
Sep 16, 2009 – The Korea Communications Commission (KCC) has said that the total number of IPTV subscribers for KT (Korea Telecom), LG Dacom and SK Broadband reached 806,184 households on Monday, September 14th, having passed the 800,000 mark the day before.
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Real-time IPTV launches in Korea
Nov 17, 2008 – Korea Telecom (KT) [KRX:030200/NYSE:KTC] has began to provide real-time television as part of its 'Mega-TV' IPTV service, the day after receiving approval from the Korea Communications Commission (KCC).
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