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Leading Entertainment Companies Create Registry for Movie and Television Content
Oct 27, 2010 – A new international coalition has announced the launch of the Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR), a non-profit global independent registry that provides a uniform approach to cataloging audio/video assets with unique identifiers (IDs).
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FCC Grants Approval For Sending Recent Movies Directly To Consumers Over Secure TV Lines
May 7, 2010 – The FCC has approved a request by the MPAA to permit recent movies to be sent directly to American households over secure high definition transmission lines from their cable or satellite providers prior to their release on DVD or Blu-ray.
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WirelessHD™ Announces Publication of Wireless DTCP Content Protection Specification for High Definition Content
Aug 27, 2008 – WirelessHD™ has announced that the Digital Transmission Licensing Administrator (DTLA) has approved and published a new supplement to the Digital Transmission Content Protection (DTCP) Specification for the Use of WirelessHD.
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WirelessHD™ 1.0 Specification Launches With Widespread Industry Support
Jan 3, 2008 – WirelessHD has announced that it has completed the development of the first wireless specification for high-definition baseband video transmission and will present the format to Adopters in early 2008.
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