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SmartLabs adds MEGOGO to SmartTUBE 5
Apr 13, 2017 – SmartLabs has expanded the list of online OTT partner services that may be supported by the SmartTUBE 5 interactive TV platform. Transactional and subscription services from MEGOGO are now fully supported.
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Cable STBs dominated the global set-top box market in 2015
Nov 23, 2016 – According to the latest market research study released by Technavio, the global set-top-box market is expected to generate revenues close to $14 billion during the forecast period 2016-2020.
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SmartLabs develops OTT platform for Russia's MOYO TV
Sep 11, 2015 – SmartLabs has announced that it has developed and implemented an OTT platform for MOYO TV project. MOYO is an OTT TV service available across Russia. It is targeted at cord cutters, a generation of consumers dissatisfied with current pay-TV offerings.
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SmartLabs enables multiscreen service for Beltelecom
Apr 16, 2015 – SmartLabs has announced the launch of a multiscreen service, SMART ZALA, for Beltelecom in Belarus. SMART ZALA enables Beltelecom subscribers to view, record and catch up with TV content, set parental controls and manage their subscriptions.
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Rostelecom goes multiscreen with SmartLabs
Feb 26, 2015 – Rostelecom subscribers can now enjoy their content on PCs, laptops, tablets and Smart TVs. The new multiscreen feature is an extension of Rostelecom's IPTV service, which is powered by the SmartLabs IPTV Solution, and delivers digital TV services across Russia.
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SmartLabs upgrades IPTV service at Georgia's Caucasus Online
Jan 27, 2015 – SmartLabs has announced the implementation of its interactive TV solution at Caucasus Online and the migration of the existing subscriber base to an upgraded TV service. Caucasus Online is Georgia’s leading broadband provider.
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Croatia's Optima Telekom chooses end-to-end solution from SmartLabs
Sep 11, 2014 – SmartLabs has announced that, in partnership with Optima Telekom, it has upgraded Optima's OptiTV service with an end-to-end SmartLabs Interactive TV Solution. More than 20 companies took part in the Optima Telekom tender process.
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SmartLabs licenses the Reference Design Kit
Aug 12, 2014 – SmartLabs has announced that it has licensed the Reference Design Kit (RDK) to advance its hybrid and IP interactive TV solutions. The RDK will integrate with the SmartLabs advanced user interface and DVB IP hybrid set top boxes.
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Rostelecom orders 656,000 IPTV set-top boxes
Oct 15, 2013 – Rostelecom has announced the results of its latest tender for set-top boxes. The requirement was for two types of boxes: 'Interactive TV Standard' and 'Interactive TV Standard Plus'.
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