Digital TV News: Xinwen Xue

SERAPHIC and WIZTIVI join forces to optimize UI experience on STBs
Sep 11, 2017 – SERAPHIC has announced a partnership with WIZTIVI. At IBC2017, the two parties will show a demonstration combining SERAPHIC’s Sraf HTML5 Browser with WIZTIVI’s TIMELESSUI product, on a mainstream set-top box SoC platform.
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MStar and SERAPHIC showcase HbbTV 2 at CCBN 2017
Mar 27, 2017 – MStar and SERAPHIC showed an HbbTV 2 demo on Mstar's latest set-top box chipset platforms at CCBN 2017. SERAPHIC's HbbTV solution, based on its Sraf HTML5 Browser, is pre-integrated with MStar’s STB SoCs.
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