SK broadband launches Android IPTV STB from KAON

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

KAON launch Android IPTV to SK Broadband, No.1 Telco of Korea: The World’s First Set-Top Box based on the latest Android OS

SUNGNAM, Korea — KAONMEDIA CO., LTD, (KOSDAQ : KAON Media), a technology leader of digital set-top-boxes and gateways, is very proud to announce that KAON has successfully launched Android Set-Top Box with the latest Google services for TV to SK broadband (KOSDAQ: 033630), No. 1 Telco of Korea. It is significant that this is the World’s First Commercial launch of Android IPTV With the latest Android OS (Jellybean 4.2).

“KAON and SKBB had entered into cooperation with respect to the World’s first Android Set-Top Box to be commercially launched in accordance with the latest Google services for TV. The First products have hit the market this month. This smart IPTV enables users to easily access to user’s favorite contents with YouTube, Chrome, and Google Play seamlessly integrated with user’s existing live TV. And the Google service takes all the great content from live TV, and optimized it for user’s TV, giving them an unrivaled experience they can share with friends on the big screen. The Android IPTV brings together the best of your television, the internet web searching with voice and thousands of applications, all these through one box and one remote control with touch panel. With this successful launch, KAON will be leading the next generation of IPTV experiences to subscribers in the local market and plans to further expand its market presence to the worldwide.”, says Peter Ahn, Sales VP of Smart OTT Business Division of KAON.